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Andrea Wynn, Owner, Wynn Resorts

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 4th June 2012 1:19pm
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Look who gave a chunk of cash to the reelection campaign of Republican Mark Amodei? A certain Andrea Wynn, Owner, Wynn Resorts.


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I think Kanye West put it best:

Now I ain't sayin' she a gold digger
But she ain't messin' wit no broke, broke
Now I ain't sayin' she a gold digger
But she ain't messin' wit no broke, broke

Is she even a naturalized American? I'm no nationalist, but I'm pretty sure this sort of thing from foreigners tends to rub "real" Americans the wrong way.

@JohnD She became a citizen after marrying a citizen.

But, yeah. She's definitely no Elaine.

I don't want to give my Vegas money and business to pro Republican business such as Wynn and The Venetian. I'm sure MGM and Harrah's (Caesars) are probably in bed with the right wing wack jobs as well. My question is where can I spend my hard earned dollars in Las Vegas and know that I'm not funding these idiots? This is my personal political opinion and I know half of you out there are on the other side and I respect that, so don't flame me.

@Dorian Caesars actually gives often to Democratic candidates, and MGM is about even between the two (President Obama stays at either Caesars/Bellagio/Aria when he is here). And Elaine Wynn is (supposedly) a Democrat.

And everyone but Sheldon supported Harry Reid two years ago.

Sheldon being an exception, the rest of the coporate world is neither Republican or Democrat. They are Pro - whoever will give them the best deal in legislation. Which is why none of them give to us Libertarian crackpots since we would rather the market take care of itself without carving out laws for the donor of the moment.

@JakeZ if you marry a citizen you get a green card and become a resident alien.
But if she wants to become a citizen she can apply and eventually become one.

Andrea Hissom (now Wynn) was born in New York (and her first husband Robert Hissom was born in Texas). Although they lived in London (and her son Nick was born there), they are American, not British.

Doing some snooping on the link provided above, the Ferittas give rather significantly to GOP causes and candidates (there are a few Democratic donations, but not as many as GOP.), as do a lot of their associates within their corporate holdings. There is even a Fertitta Entertainment PAC and a ZUFFA PAC (ZUFFA is the company that owns the UFC.).

Thanks for the feedback. I have stayed at Wynncore twenty times and love it there. It pains me to place my money elsewhere. I know Elaine is a liberal and Steve supported Harry Reid but Mr. Wynn has gone the other way from the person I knew ten years ago. Yes, I have actually met him and we have discussed his past liberal leanings and where he is today. I guess I'm heading to Caesars, at least there's no resort fee....

Related (ish)? The president of the Monte Carlo, Anton Nikodemus, posted this on his "@MonteCarloPrez" Twitter account the other day:

"Can't agree more!RT@MittRomney:Unemployment rate up@BarackObama’s re-election slogan may be ‘forward’ it seems like we're moving backward."


Now, while he's entitled to whatever political opinions he wants (even those that are factually incorrect), is it smart to post them via one of your property's official accounts, guaranteed to piss off ~50% of your audience? I can't say I had a huge desire to stay at MC -- but now, I REALLY don't want to.

Especially because, after I questioned his wisdom in a mildly snarky retweet, he blocked me on Twitter. Stay classy, Monte Carlo.

@erzeszut, you are dead on. Just from a marketing standpoint it's a stupid decision. Giving money publicly, raging on FOX, tweeting your opinion, and they wonder why their revenue is down and the ad campaigns don't seem to be working any more. After watching Scott Sibella President of MGM, look like a fool on "Undercover Bosses", it sheds light on why some of these hotels just don't get it. Amazing.

Billionaires are usually Republicans, I think. And I also think this contribution was done with the express, written consent of our god, Steve Wynn.
Kinda embarrassed that we are quoting censored versions of pop songs and questioning her immigration status when she appears to have been born in the United States.

A lot of people getting worked up over a $2,500 donation. It's a free country. Give her a break.

Please oh please keep this delightful oasis of a website free of politics. I beg you.

@Drake +1

Drake ^^ thank you very much.


Maybe he realizes that if Pres. Obama were to have another term, his company and it's employees would be worse off than they are today or were 4 years ago. Remember Pres. Obama has repeatedly told people not to go to Vegas. So he probably looks at it as a way to influence people into getting a person into the President's office that would actually try to get this economy going again, instead of trying to please his special interests. A better economy means more people employed, which means more money flowing, which means more people traveling to Vegas and other destinations.

Now I do feel as there is some room for political discourse here just as long as it remains relevant to Vegas and the gaming industry as a whole and doesn't turn into the typical political "discourse" seen on other sites. Let's not forget about the disparaging remarks President Obama has made about Las Vegas during his term and how even Oscar Goodman took a lot of umbrage at that. Let's not forget that towards the end of his tenure as Mayor, Oscar switched party affiliations and became an Independent as did his wife. Not too many major cities in this country have someone not beholden to a political party, and it just shows how unique the political landscape is in that state.

I think that crux of the initial matter is the fact that the new Mrs. Stephen A. Wynn is listed by the Huffington Post as being an "owner" of Wynn Resorts, which is absolutely inaccurate seeing as she is not a member of the Board Of Directors or Senior Management. Does being married to the Chairman and CEO of a company automatically make their spouse an "owner"? No. Then again, anyone who owns any shares of Wynn Resorts can technically call themselves an "owner" of Wynn Resorts. That doesn't necessarily make them a member of the board or a senior manager.....

I could ramble on for days with direct opposition and facts that oppose all of your statements. That in fact would be exactly what I'm sure most readers of this blog don't want. You can wade in those waters I won't. i was simply asking the question of how to place my money in the hands of companies that I feel share my same political interest.
As far as saying bad things about Las Vegas or America, it was in fact Mr. Wynn who wanted to abandon Las Vegas and ship his HQ to COMMUNIST RED CHINA. Thanks

I agree with HillBilly; the corporate world are generally corporatists and rent-seekers. They'll donate to whomever is most likely to give them special privileges and corporate welfare and subsidies and perks etc.

Steve Wynn has, on several occasions, called himself a supporter of the Democratic party and supports Harry Reid, so I wouldn't call him a Conservative in the least. He just thinks Obama's administration is worse for his business than the Republicans. His arguments for this proposition were based on the concept of Regulatory Uncertainty, which is a very valid and important subject in the economics of regulation. Businesses like clear, simple, certain regulatory frameworks, not constantly-shifting, nebulous frameworks that are susceptible to different bureaucrats having different interpretations thereof.

And Dorian, China is not "Communist" or "Red" any more. Their actual policies are more correctly described as Fascist (I'm an economist and I've visited Hong Kong, Macau and even mainland China on several occasions). So Steve can still make money there; lots of money in fact because the Chinese are very enthusiastic gamblers. Steve is sucking up to the Chinese government because his very fat slice of the profits depends on him sucking up, since the Chinese government can revoke his concession at any time. Plus, the fact he's bashed the Obama Administration is NOT equivalent to saying "bad things about Las Vegas or America."

Were the Left saying "bad things about America" when they were bashing the Bush administration? Same principle here. Bashing an administration isn't the same thing as bashing the country. "America" is not the same thing as the American government.

I'm no fan of Romney, nor the vast majority of Republican candidates and office-holders, but I am a fan of reasonable and fair political discussion. So I'd appreciate if you didn't accuse my post of being "shilling" or "partisanship."

Now, as for where you take your money, I'd suggest MGM. They have the same high ranking on the HRC's Corporate Equality Index that Wynn has, Aria touts its environmental sustainability credentials very frequently, and the table games there are generally better than Caesars equivalents.

Why would anyone even care about this while you were in Las Vegas? The 2 parties in Vegas are Good time and Bad time. Thats all you need to know.

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