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The Video Where The Guy Dumps The U-Haul On The Strip

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 24th May 2012 1:28pm
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The other day, some guy stopped his U-Haul in the middle of The Strip and unloaded the contents right in the middle of the road as his girlfriend stood by sobbing. One man's meltdown is another man's jackpot. Let's go to the video tape!

Tell me Tammy, did you swallow! DID YOU SWALLOW?!!!??
You want to move into VEER? FINE. Then I'll just drop your fucking stuff off here.
I bought all this shit at the Sahara garage sale and not only won't they take it back, I ran out of gas getting there!
Delivery for Jim Murren, will you sign please?

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Comments & Discussion:

So what happened? Did this guy get arrested or what?

^ watch video #3 Usama.

There's no "typical" day on the Metro beat, huh?

Too bad the camera crew for "Vegas Strip" wasn't there.....

Must of found out she was sleeping, with the Osheas leprechaun.

Is it just me, or did it take the cops a LONG time to get there?

Haha, I totally drove by that! In fact at 1:08 of the 3rd video you can see my little black rental car (beside the grandcanyon skywalk bus) cruise by. I figured the dude's UHaul had just busted the door open and everything fell out, but I guess looking back on it now he was sort of kicking stuff out rather then putting it back in.

They got it cleaned up real quick because I passed by about 30mins later going south and there was no sign of the mess.

Another foreclosure?

37 ????????????????????

I like how the cops attacked the dangerous criminal and put on a nice show for the crowd. Don't get me wrong, I have no sympathy for the jackass but c'mon. Running up into the truck and yanking the guy to the ground as a first course of action?

it's metro, I'm shocked they didn't just shoot him first

Sometimes you just lose it i guess? Maybe he lost everything after gambling at the Bellagio and, yes the question is: what took the cops so long to get there?

Now WHERE did you want me to set up the demo of the new MGM rooms???

Why does it never occur to the cops to say, "Hey, that's funny. Let's not throw this person on the ground"? It's not a riot. It's littering.

For some reason the ads for this posting are for 1-800-pack-rat. Is that supposed to be a clever tie-in?

He did throw a box at the first officer to come up to the truck. Not the best introduction.

Where's Sergeant Tom Jenkins when you need him.

I'll take this over the costumed characters anyday.

I wish they had tasered the guy. what a colossal douche.

My wife doesn't see anything wrong with that guy.

All I can say is...I LOVE LAS VEGAS. No where else do you see shit like this,

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