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The Steve Wynn Stepson Show

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 21st May 2012 11:06pm
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Y'know what chaps my hide? (Commence groans) I started playing drums when I was six years old. I began taking lessons on guitar and bass in third grade. I played in orchestra, stage band, jazz band, jazz-fusion outfits and heavy metal bands throughout high school. I went to college to study music. I got a masters degree in music too. I studied with Pulitzer prize winners, collaborated with Tony award winners, performed with legends and was groomed via conservatory training to be a successful creator of music. I rehearsed, wrote, recorded and performed tirelessly for twelve years from Los Angeles to Berlin and back again. I busted my ass trying to build a sustainable career as a musician, enduring emotional melt downs, band breakups, health problems, missed flights, broken down tour vans, busted equipment, asshole keyboardists, love triangles, bloody fingers, bloody noses and a respectable amount of groupies.

After all the effort, one day I looked out on the horizon and realized that the music I was making didn't fit in with the way the world worked and decided to take a break to re-evaluate the situation. Nine years later, I'm still re-evaluating the situation.

Enter Nick Hissom. Who? Nick Hissom, son of Andrea Hissom, the new(ish) wife of Steve Wynn. A finely crafted press release from the Wynn organization tells us that Nick Hissom has decided to turn his attention from modeling to music (full time) and will debut his first single at Tryst on May 27th. He will be performing with a group called Manufactured Superstars. I'm not joking.

I don't blame Nick. If my stepmother was a multi-billionaire owner of a resort which purported to be ground zero for a kind of music I was sorta interested in pursuing, I'd sure as fuck bug her to get the hotel's entertainment director to persuade someone's manager to let me come on stage and shred some licks with them.

This kinda charade... giving a spoiled kid a spotlight he mostly likely hasn't earned nor deserves because some rich creepy guy got a taste of his mom's booty... well... it really wads up my diapers. Perhaps the kid is talented... I have no idea. But this is exactly what I don't like about the intersection of fame, music and money in Las Vegas nightlife which Wynn Las Vegas claims to be the epicenter of.

Mark your calendars for 2037 as the year Nick Hissom is eligible for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame folks. Perhaps I'll be interested in staying at Wynn again by then.

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Comments & Discussion:

I guess that's what you get when you sleep with one of Steve's bitches (presumably.)


I have it on good authority that this single is about as entertaining as kicking oneself directly in the scrotum while wearing a pair of soccer cleats and listening to Skrillex.

It's not a regular engagement. From what I can tell, this is just like when the Palms hosted a single release party for Kevin Federline. Or when Bellagio let Rebecca Whatshername create a fountain show. The former was forgettable and the latter created an alright watershow number, but still, behold the power of wealth and fame.

Not that it isn't shameless, of course; but I think so many years in Vegas have just made me comfortably numb to needless displays of wealth from people who just can't get over the fact that they're not actually any better than me. I'm only impressed these days by more modest individuals like Mark Cuban and Warren Buffett.

It's dumb, but it's basically Stevarino paying the company to put on a shindig on an off-night. If you had a sugar daddy, you could have put Chuckmonster's Music Lab on a Vegas venue as well.

I believe that "Chuckmonster's Music Lab" would have a special evening at Hooters.

Don't know why I even bothered to look, but I went to the manufactured superstars website....music video on the home page...shot at Wynncore/XS

Are they going for irony in the name. If so, they missed. It sound more like self-parody by accident.

Chuck, as one who grew up with a parent of note in the LA music bidness, and subsequently one who has had long time dealings with the Hollywierd movie machine, it never ceases to amaze me as 2nd and 3rd generation offspring pop up in shows and movies in all levels of titles. Such legacy employment is a pathetic joke and an insult to the trades it represents. It's who you know and who you blow in the entertainment business.
I'm glad you do what you do, much better for you in the long run anyway.

He's sooo good lookin'
He should stick to modeling.

Call me crazy but go to www.nickhissomonline.com was that shot at Wynn?

How does one become a philanthropist at age 19?

From his site, www.nickhissomonline.com

"...fashion model, recording artist, philanthropist, and full-time student"

@detroit1051 they misspelled "philanderer" thats all, simple typo

I thinkn it would bother me more if he was plugged into a Management role without earning it. This seems appropriate, nepotism belongs in the arts...

You know the old saying Chuck, its not what you know, its who you know...

@Sypder - LOL

I can imagine Nick Saying - "I'm pretty sure there's a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. And I plan on finding out what that is." without any sort of irony or self-awareness.

He looks like Arnie from Christine.

@BrianFey: Or, in some cases, who you blow.

All that musical talent and study ChuckMonster, surely you haven't stopped playing. If you wanted to post some music, this website is a much better audience for it too, as who wants to play in front of a bunch of Wynncore douchebags anyway?

That's how it is with everyone that's rich. People that are rich think they have talent and can do anything. Paris Hilton for example. That bitch thought she could sing. Now she's bangin a DJ (Afrojack) and it out to be the biggest girl house DJ in the world. When that blows over she'll wanna do whatever it is the dude she's bangin next does. People don't realize they're rich for nothing. No one likes them. They have money, that's it. Money goes, friends go.


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