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Jim Murren, Superhero: Book II

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 18th May 2012 2:52pm
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Do you remember the photo of MGM CEO Jim Murren, arms at waist, staring into the future, bedecked in shiny suit and failed mixed use project like Superman?!? Y'know the one that spawned the "murrening" craze?

Well, along the same "saving the world" lines comes a corporate presentation (download the PDF) straight from MGM Investor Relations which touts exactly how the company has saved the world.

It starts with a half dozen pages of photos of casinos laid to wreckage post-hurricane Katrina, discusses how MGM saved the world by rebuilding Beau Rivage, leads through 10 slides of unintentionally hysterical motivational posters, touts MGM's LEED certs for sustainability, dedication to diversity and....

Jims Plate

You guessed it. Jim's Plate. We knew it was only a matter of time before they publicly patted themselves on the back for this.

Jims Plate

Another interesting slide is "Gaming Convergence" in which MGM appears to believe that leisure gaming (video games etc) will eventually merge with casino gaming (gambling.) Forget internet gambling and the potential to expand that to desktop and mobile platforms. And also forget that Ballys Technologies, IGT and Aristocrat already occupy this middle ground. And forget about Boyd Gaming in the list of gaming companies too while you're at it.

Jims Plate

Finally, MGM leaves us with the idea that we all need to "Think Casino Mogul." Kinda like Oh God! Book II. Does this mean Murren isn't a superhero after all, but instead God?

Big thanks to VT super reader DuLac55 for the tip!

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Comments & Discussion:

Damn, that's inspirational!! I bet their shareholders haven't been inspired this hard since that time they visited the showers on Rikers Island.

Interesting depiction of Harmon. It's there, but just barely. Just like in real life.

Think Casino Mogul? What the fuck is that supposed to mean? Sure, three of it's resorts were built by an actual Casino Mogul, but I just don't equate a publically traded company with the term Mogul.

I could hardly collect myself from laughing so hard to pass this on to VT. The level of hubris of this guy and the company has grown to new levels. MGM Resorts - saving the world, one day at a time. PUKE!

Don't forget Konami too, the original dual gaming player. Need to find me a slot machine based on that old Karate game.

Slide #28 has some good advice for Cosmopolitan: "Convert mix from lesiure to casino."

And, I never knew MGM was part of the Muslim dynasty that conquered India in 1526. http://www.thefreedictionary.com/mogul

Tat one on the bottom row, between Luxor and NY-NY, isn't that the Monticeto?

I know it's a VT tradition to mock Murren mercilessly, and I agree wholeheartedly with this tradition. However, this particular nonsense isn't much different from the vomitus produced by most other corporate PR departments.

Just sayin'.

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