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ARIA: Entrapment

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 16th May 2012 1:56pm
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ARIA has unfurled the third installment in their film festival, entitled Entrapment.

In this episode, we see a model in black bathing suit frolicking in the pool as a mannequin in a khaki suit oogles from shore. When the woman exits the pool futzing with her bluetooth device, the guy in the suit jumps into the pool (from the second step - ha!) assuming that the damsel needs assistance finding an earring at the bottom of the pool.

Instead, he arrives with an earring which she - in an extremely uncomfortable display of lousy acting - offers up an earlobe to put it on. Oh wait... she didn't have the earring on the whole time! She planted it at the bottom of the pool on purpose! Just to get the mannequin to spend a weekend at her Bernie's. Entrapment! Fugghetaboutit!

If you love the old Duran Duran videos but hate the music and the style and coolness inherent therein, you'll love this. How much did the pirate pay for his earrings?


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Comments & Discussion:

Love me some Aria; hate me these videos. Bad Idea Jeans 2.o.

They must have prepaid for all of the videos; otherwise they would have pulled the plug on this nonsense. Personally, I like Aria even though it feels like an airport terminal.

Airport terminal and the same office I work in. Who wants that? I personally enjoy the themed resorts when they are done well. Back in the day The Mirage and Caesars did it better then anybody.

Is she wearing clip-ons? These videos make Aria look like a very dull place....(which in a way....is truth in advertising)

I know this is not the topic, but I agree with Dorian. I feel like I'm on the road at a Westin hotel (or any Starwood) when I stay at Aria.

I'll be in the minority and say that Aria is my fourth favorite Vegas hotel, behind Encore, Wynn Las Vegs and Mandarin Oriental. Good company if ever there was. Now if they could just properly market the damn thing to the masses.

Yeah, these videos are godawful. Allow me to make the boring, repetitive comment - love Aria, hate these videos. Do these people still believe their own BS about reinventing Vegas? (Of course the answer is no, other luxury places advertise themselves with the same kind of silliness. And even in email blasts for low-end properties they show pictures of models shooting craps dressed like their next stop is Marquee, which is definitely not the crowd at the tables at say New York New York!)

Yeah, the videos are horrible but they found a way to market to this Hillbilly with a killer rate booked through VIP for this summer generated from my $50 of slot play this winter. This will be my first stay there and I'm really excited since I really like the Aria casino (smells like stripper lotion in there, mmmm), and it is next to Bellagio and Cosmopolitan which I also love.

HA! Stipper Lotion! AromaSys should re-name this scent profile for Aria!

It's that coconut/coco butter/vanilla mixture that drives me wild. The very first time I walked in the place I looked at my buddy and at the same time we both said "It smells like strippers in here." Love it. They should make some marketing videos with that theme: i.e. strippers rubbing lotion on each other.

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