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The Not Steve Wynn Show

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 15th May 2012 2:57pm
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Speaking of questionable casting, Misnomer tweet tipped us towards Wynn's latest spokesmo "Dani Diiorio" (who dropped her first name 'Brittney') Is this the most unhip fake hip presenting ever? It kinda makes "Vegas In 5" look like The Godfather Part II.

A mouthful of sand. Dragging rusty metal on concrete. Nails on a chalkboard. Chewing aluminum foil. Anal pimples.

The hogwash about how the pinnacle of creation only exists at Wynn Las Vegas only works when Steve Wynn says them, not this rat on helium getting a haircut with a weedwacker. BRO.

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Dani D. Please... She's trying, but the delivery is so scripted. Reminds you of the people in college who would be on the radio delivering the news for the first time. Surely Wynn could get someone just a little more sophisticated? Turn up the sexy? Something. Last time we were in Wynn/Encore, walked by the line entrance to a couple of those clubs. It was all dudes in line. Chicks get in right away, and all these dudes are standing around in line, desperate looks on their faces, ancy, nervous, hoping to get in and get a shot. Pass on that! Give us the VH concert!, thank you very much.

at least she beats that girl with the on-off australian accent that MGM uses for all their Mlife videos

Whatever you do, do not watch her in this music video. http://officialdanid.com/index2.html

I would take her much more seriously if her name didn't seem so fake.

I'd bang her.

Don't all Cali girls talk like that?

she talks with pr0n timbre.

"Don't all Cali girls talk like that?"

In 25 years spent in Northern California, the only voice I ever heard like that one was faked by a woman playing Anybodys in West Side Story.

This is how Californians think girls in New jersey talk.

I'm super pumped to go and hear "Dipshit" spin some wax on the 19th at Surrender!!

@dorian - i dunno man...diplo is a pretty phenomenal producer. it's not all douchebag dance music. you should listen to the "i like turtles" mixtape before you judge. plus, MIA basically owes her entire career to the dude.

She is either someones niece or she fucked her way to the "top".

@MeltYrself - +1

My favorite part is the last 20 seconds where they plug the salon and what she says doesn't match whats on the video.

@MYR, I can respect the opinion, and I have been to the clubs in Las Vegas. I experienced DJ AM (RIP) and Tiesto. At the end of the day they are DJ's that play music that someone else created. I will spend my time and money on actual musicians. Ninety five percent of the clientele are douchebags that make me want to puke. My bottle service clubbing days ended about four years ago, when I decided I had had enough douchiness.

Actually, "DiIorio" or DiOrio" is a fairly common Italian surname in RI/MA/NJ/NY, fwiw.

@Dorian - point taken. and agreed. i just don't want you to discount diplo's talents as a producer and dj. for me, a good dj is someone who hunts down choice cuts and makes new music using pieces of old. it's like when i listen to something on a dj shadow mixtape, and then i go out and hunt down the original 45s and lps because i love the loops and hooks. i don't see how else i'd ever have heard of david axelrod (the psych orchestral producer extraordinaire from the 60s, not the POTUS's adviser/consultant). just playing music other people made is not what a dj does. he/she creates new art from preexisting work.

tl/dr - i don't like the clientele, but that doesn't mean i can't appreciate the music.

Kind of seems like much ado about nothing here. If we're picking apart corporate nightlife advertising and promotional campaigns, far more offensive (and ridiculous) examples appear almost daily.

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