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Holy Crap: They Fixed Crystals!

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 14th May 2012 1:57pm
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After years of irritating patrons with useless dead ends, the bozos at Crystals have finally rectified the horrible interior promenade design by smashing through some retail spaces and making the passageways navigable.


And to think that the Crystals design won an award from the "International Council of Shopping Centers" last year. Obviously they judged based on renderings not actual customer experience.

Crystals Fixed

Crystals Fixed

Hooray! Now it only takes 14 hustle filled minutes to get from The Strip to ARIA instead of 25 headbashingly frustrating ones.

Big thanks to VT staffer JohnH for the pictip!

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Comments & Discussion:

I never understood that dead end design... But I'm confused... I don't recall there being anything on the other side of the wall from that direction... Dd they add an escalator to the first floor or connect it to other 2nd floor walkway?

Wow I was walking through there all weekend and was so used to it's screwed up design I didn't notice this lol

Nice to see they're willing to knock down a wall. Then again, I never had a mental breakdown when walking from Aria to The Cosmopolitan.

Well if you try to go down it's frustrating, but if you stay up and walk through the "treehouse" section toward the bridge to Mandarin, then hang a left and walk past Fendi and out you're okay.

Getting to and from the tram, on the other hand, is still a nightmare unless you take the ADA elevator to the eastern tram station and wait for it instead of using the escalators.

Still looks like a haunted house maze. They need to put running escalators like at Mirage at Aria. Else they need to add some animated screens on the handle sections, on the building walls to the walkways to Aria.

They should reterm it Crystal Meth, cause the designer was surely on it. I talked to someone who worked on Aria and they told me the whole idea was to keep people from leaving. Well it worked. Not only did it keep people from leaving, it kept many more people from coming! So muh for HALF baked ideas.

Both customers got tired of being inconvenienced.

Yep just noticed this yesterday... You can actually see how to get to the casino!

Crystal Meth... good one. VERY funny.

This is terrible. Now I have to work harder to find those shops that NO ONE is ever in and that I can't afford.

It was obvious to me from the first time I stepped foot in there that the place was deliberately designed to make it hard to get around. I'm glad they've seen the error of their ways.

I bet this wasn't a David Rockwell move.

Yeah, Crystals had a terribly inconvenient layout. This is a great improvement.

I've never been a fan of Daniel Leibskind. He's always seemed to have a grudge against 90-degree angles.

The guys that did this design recently got a job reworking MGMs hotel back office. No big surprise with that outcome, is there?

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