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THEhotel Beginning Renovations In Early 2013

By MikeE on Monday, 14th May 2012 1:35pm
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It's about time!

THEhotel is the gem of the south strip. Huge rooms, cool - but not so cool that you feel uncool (read: Cosmopolitan) - vibes, attached to an overall awesome property that still has a special place in my heart. In the 16 or so months between the opening of THEhotel and Wynn, I gave Mandalay's sexier sibling six stays.

But as the years went by, the place grew tired, the hard surfaces dinged and dented by luggage, and the carpets stained. Perhaps victim of a mentality that booking a proper suite in Vegas meant you could disregard all respect for your surroundings, THEhotel's accommodations aged quicker than Wayne F. Newton's voice. Oh, and one mustn't forget that plasma. As the first hotel in Vegas to use flat-panel televisions in their rooms, those early generation screens could alone sufficiently heat the rooms.

Whilst looking for a chuckle through various TripAdvisor reviews, I found THEhotel's guest relations review responder lady divulging a little insider info - scroll down to the response to "Rather Stay at Mandalay Bay".

Regarding the room interiors in our THEhotel tower, we will begin renovations in early 2013 that will include improvements in the in-room technology, changes in color scheme (a brightening of the walls, linens, carpeting, etc), the inclusions of new furniture sets, and a room layout alteration.

Renovations include new technology (TVs, etc.), a brighter color scheme, new furniture, and changes in the room layout. I couldn't find an estimated completion date, but considering the relatively small number of rooms, it'll most certainly move faster than most other MGM projects.

Hopefully this renovation will put THEhotel back where it belongs and back where it once was as one of the top properties on the strip.

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bout time! i remember being invited to preview THEhotel and how it wowed me and my friends. before that we would only stay in a concierge level suite in the venezia tower at the venetian. the extra half bathroom in THEhotel was the kicker.

Great tower, hope MGM doesn't bring the suck.

Let's hope the folks who did the Bellagio refresh are not available to work on THEhotel.

I speculated in my "predictions for 2012" that MGM would start room renovations on the MB complex this year. So I'm not too surprised. That said, it's good that TheHotel is getting some love.

Renovations take a LOOOOOOONG time. They could be "starting" renovations in 2013 as in hiring their contractors, taking measurements, and picking out the furniture. Hopefully that is not the case and most of that is already done.

I stayed Nov. 2011 and I throughly enjoyed my stay. The staff was great and I thought the room was the perfect size for everything we needed. We had V-Suite, a corner room, on the 16th floor looking out towards Luxor, it was great. Being in another hotels maintenance, I looked for any problems. I couldn't find one! Sure there was some wear and tear, but nothing that stood out or would make me want to call to have it fixed.

It scares me that they're going to brighten it up... one of my favorite things about Mandalay Bay and THEhotel was that Mandalay Bay seemed bright and energetic while THEhotel seemed dark and sexy. And since "bright and sexy" is such a difficult thing to come across, we have to assume MGM will screw it up.

what are the dollar figures for thehotel and MB?

i heard $30mm for four seasons.

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