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Poll: Resort Fee Inclusions

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 9th May 2012 1:52pm
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Resort fees.... the Ticketmasterization of Las Vegas. We all love to hate them, but some perks justify some of the cost. Help us understand which of these resort fee inclusions you appreciate the most. Feel free to vote multiple times.

If you can think of others, add them in the comments and we will add them to the available options.

Which Of These Is The Most Useful Resort Fee Inclusions

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Comments & Discussion:

Shuttle service if you're away from the Strip. That's about it. Most of these perks are provided at non-gaming properties that don't do this sort of thing.

Once again calling for regulation that resort fees be included in the base price. We forced the airline industry to do it, these guys need the same medicine.

^^^^^ What Min Vegas said - well apart from Shuttle Service, Non-Gaming Hotels have that too.

Can we include "None of the Above" in the Poll? because nothing up there justifies $25 a Day.

Yeah for me I guess it's just the internet. The two welcome cocktails would justify the price if it were for 2 cocktails PER DAY (every day you have to pay the fee you should get to two cocktails). Now that I have just about every airlines app on my phone I don't need to print to boarding passes.

I dislike Resort Fees ! I had to cancel my Mirage reservation cause I couldn't justify paying 25 dollars a night, when I would only use the in room Internet. Plus it wasn't even that fast the last time I stayed. If they want more money add the resort fee into the room rates. Harrah properties may not be kept up, but atleast there's no nickel and diming. Hell I'd even stay on Fremont and make The Strip be second fiddle to my trip.

I can't find one of those I like for the price they charge me on a daily basis. I probably could live with wifi, fitness, and 2 drinks at the bar per day, but that really doesn't help the poll.

I must admit my post above almost included wifi, BUT I have my iPhone and if I really needed internet access for something bigger, well $25 buys a lot of Mifi Access.

If a room is comped, I am only mildly annoyed by resort fees. I used to like it when I got free rooms at the Mirage and would get bottles of water and such. But that was when resort fees weren't so outrageous.
Now, if I am paying upwards of $200 a night and get $25 tacked on to my bill I don't care what they offer. Its pure bullshit.

Free airport shuttle for 2 wouldn't be a bad "resort fee" service, but I guess it will be a cold day in hell before anyone offers that (aside from the off-strip hotels).

Just like everything in life you have a choice, you can but a Mercedez or a Kia, you can play 3:2 black jack or 6:5 and you can stay at Mirage or Planet Holywood, Treasure Island or Paris. I will still stay where I want and remember to do the math as there are plenty of times where the resort fee properties all in are the same price or even cheaper than the "No Resort Fee" properties.

Three comments:
1) I second the "Can we include "None of the Above" in the Poll?"
2) Please remove the word "complimentary" from the choices, as by definition, they are not complimentary. Included? Maybe. Forced upon you? perhaps.
3) The only way to make these go away is to stay somewhere that doesn't have 'em.

1) haha. unfortunately, the point is to choose from the givens.
2) "complimentary" is using the verbiage of the actual resorts in their listing of resort fee
3) that is one way

When you consider that you're paying for these "complimentary" items via the resort fee, they're really "complementary".....

I voted for bottled water. First off, Vegas tap water is nasty. Secondly, the bottles of water they offer for sale in the rooms are a giant rip off. For what the typical property may want for 2 bottles of water, one can practically buy a case of store brand water at a grocery store or Walmart prior to checking into one's hotel. Typically I always try to keep a bottle of water in my room at all times, especially after a night out. It's not so bad if the hotel actually has drink machines on every floor, but even then, charging $2.50 for a 20 bottle is a bit much. It's no wonder some folks will check in with a case of bottled water.

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