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Roofing Ballys

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 2nd May 2012 11:48am
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Roofing Ballys

Aside from sitting behind the chairman's desk, or fingering cash in the master safe, getting onto the roof of a Las Vegas casino hotel is one of the holy grails of Vegas dorkdom.

Gaining access to a hotel roof usually requires some inside help or some MacGyvering. VT reader Jackpo sent us a tip to get onto the roof of Ballys which requires none of the former and some of the latter. Of course, we don't endorse such behavior, nor can we be held accountable when you get busted or fall off the roof should you make the decision to do something like this.

Take it away Jackpo:

Ok, I've been putting off telling VT this, but here it goes... One night I was looking out my room at Paris, and I see a couple on the roof of Bally's, they clearly weren't employees by the way they were acting, so I of course thought.. Maybe tomorrow before midnight to see if I can get up there and watch the fountains?

So here's how ya do it... Stop by the keno desk and get a couple pencils (more on this in a bit), go to the left bank of the South Tower elevators and head for the top floor. Go to the end of the hallway, open the emergency exit (there's no alarm for sure), use "borrowed" pencil or two to keep the door from closing (it will lock behind you, and it's a loooong walk down to the ground floor). Go up only one flight of stairs. You will then see a door. Open it. If it's locked, look to the right of the door. There is a hole, put your arm through it and turn the handle on the other side. You're now on the roof, but make sure you turn right quickly. The camera on the roof is to the left. You'll be standing right next to the "B" in "BALLY'S", and have an amazing view of the fountains if you get there before midnight. Either way, your date will be surprised and make sure you bring a beverage... Or condoms....

Have you ever been on the roof of a casino?

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Comments & Discussion:

Ha! That'll be locked and alarmed within one hour.

thanks for tipping them off :)

doubt it. a) do you know how long it takes to get anything through maintenance? b) do you really think anybody who really cares reads vt?

I'm sure Dribbleglass has run to tell his superiors about this....... ;)

I stumbled into the catwalk for the "eye in the sky" at Caesars back in Dec. '04...CET properties are notorious for not keeping locked doors locked. What strikes me most about this article is the aerial view of Bally's botanical "gardens" (big quotation marks). This is such a dead space...not only does no one walk thru the gardens (everyone uses the elevated moving ramp), but they don't keep up the boxwoods in the gardens like they should. "Bally's" spelled out in overgrown boxwoods=lame. Erect some beer gardens on either side of the moving walkway instead...no one will miss the boxwoods below.

I agree with Mr. Monster they'll never fix it or they'll fix this by getting rid of the keno pencils...

By the way most casino doors are not alarmed and the few that are have mostly silent alarms. Also a cool Vegas fact (this might be a fire code thing) is that there are no dead ends, every hallway at (or near) ground level has an exit. There's a very cool door at Bellagio BOH (behind Prime) that leads to Flamingo and LV Blvd.

Anyway as a guest of the hotel keep opening doors the worst that could happen is you will be asked not to do it again.

Hey, I heard that! I care AND I read VegasTripping religiously. Here's what I got from them what knows: "The roof access doors at Bally's are secured and are kept that way. The hole this person was referring to (from construction) has been repaired. The author describes in detail how to get onto the south tower roof but the picture with the arrow is the north tower at Bally's." I don't think anyone's trying to squelch anyone's good time. Vegas hotels just aren't fans of plummeting.

Ive been on the roof of one hotel...but I carry access keys. Tidbit of info: Some hotels just use blank keys or keys with out and 'teeth' for some access doors. I know for five of our roof entrances all you would have to do is have a blank key.

Even if I could get to the roof of a Vegas hotel I wouldn't do it.

I never realized Bally's even had a "botanical garden"

But then again I probably havent set foot on the property since 1986, when it was still relevant.

One word: Mothwoman.

End of story.

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