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O'Sheas Implosion Video

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 1st May 2012 8:20am
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And here it is, video of O'Sheas parking garage implosion.

No fanfare, just gigantic clouds of dirt covering The Strip.

Eventually, O'Sheas will look something like this. Exciting!

Thanks to FiveHundy for the tweet tip.

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Comments & Discussion:

Sad, reminds me of the Sands and the Dunes implosion

i didn't even know O'Sheas's had a parking deck.

Why do all pilots have the same voice?

Oh oh, he called it a "Ferris Wheel".....

Did you all see Wayne F Newton crawling from the wreckage?

Damn, Ballys just had their windows cleaned.......at last.

Man... I hope the people staying at the Flamingo and IP got discounts!


Oh baby... was it good for you?!

Can you imagine some drunks getting to their rooms at the same time as the implosion? And I hope the fire hoses cleaned the windows of the Flamingo and IP; well in the case of IP it would be the firts time the windows had been cleaned in years.

This was loud as hell even from the 26th floor of the Mirage, where I was Monday night. I'm a Vegas dork, so I knew this was coming. But I wonder how many people were jolted out of their beds at 2:30AM? The Mirage didn't post signs or notify guests in any way, shape or form. Maybe because it's a CET operation and they didn't want to give them publicity? I can only hope CET informed guests at Flamingo, IP, and Harrah's.

Late Monday night at IP, workers were lining the entire south side wall with plastic tarps, duct-taped to the floor and ceiling. Basically a straight line down the wall, cutting off some small sections of slot machines, cutting off the Sake Bar, and going all the way through to the restrooms, which they left open, at least as of 1AM or so.

They had rolled-up tarps attached to the ceiling above the cage and the security desk, which I assume they rolled down at the final moments. The entire casino was hot and gross (OK, moreso even than usual) and I assume the normal ventilation patterns had been disrupted by these tarps, or maybe they shut the A/C down to avoid sucking in a whole bunch of dust. I didn't stay long.

I was eating a late night breakfast in my room at Mirage when the big kaboom happened. It certainly would have woken me, had I been asleep. A huge cloud of dust moved over the Strip (which was closed to vehicles, of course) and for 10 minutes or so, I couldn't see IP, O'Shea's, or Flamingo at all.

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