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Aria: Shaboo Gets Shabooted for Tetsu

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 26th April 2012 2:48pm
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Aria Shaboo

Aria has announced (finally) that their incredibly expensive shabu shabu joint Shaboo will close to make way for Tetsu, a teppanyaki joint. Gotta make use of those hoods somehow!

It has been no secret that ARIA's top brass has been unhappy with Shaboo and Bar Masa's performance since the opening of the resort and made some changes along the way in the hopes of riding out the economic storm. It isn't that that Japanese swish swish dining is too much of a gamble for diners to take, it is that this is just priced out of the ball park.

Filling the spot will be Tetsu, a restaurant which will exchange the hot pots for grills and continue the tradition of offering guests the finest ingredients for them to butcher over a grill. Indoor BBQ, Japanese style.

While you guys are fixing all that up, how about some better, more inviting signage... that hallway looks like a dead end to 90% of the people who walk by.

Thanks to VT super friends JohnD and Vespajet for the tweet tips.

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Comments & Discussion:

Shaboo Sha-byebye.

Tetsu on a bull

Hopefully they won't price Tetsu out of the ballpark as well. I doubt we're talking Hamada or Benihana prices; more like Nobu prices.

Was the place named after the famouus breakdancer Shabadoo Ranks?



That was a Restaurant?!?!

I walked by that thing every trip and couldn't figure out what it was but never went that way because there was no signage and, being a straight shot from the checkin desks, thought it was to the elevator lobby!

(Also could never get my camera to get a decent shot of the lighting either... The camera kept detenuating the lighting...)

NOBU is outrageous and Barmasa was way past that. Not surprised.

I wouldn't consider myself your average Vegas visitor but I have always thought that was a hallway to nowhere too! Signage sounds like a smart idea.

Hmmm, Tetsu could be really good - Shaboo was just silliness. I didn't feel like the signage was the problem as much as the price was. Even if you can afford Shaboo, why would you spend so much money there when you can get a great formal meal someplace else for 1/3 the price? What makes Shaboo so special that it was even worth trying? Hopefully Tetsu will be more reasonable.

Tetsu sounds like some kind of STD you'd pick up from a Japanese hooker.

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