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UPDATED: MGM Renovates Lion Exterior

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 23rd April 2012 5:43pm
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MGM Grand's much touted "Grand Renovation" is not only touching the casino floor, lobby and hotel rooms, they're redoing the exterior lion's den. It doesn't appear to be a major reconstruction, probably just cleaning and repairing plumbing, electrical and aesthetics. Big thanks to VT super tipster TwoFours for sharing his snapz!

MGM Grand

MGM Grand

Wouldn't that be a hoot if they got rid of the lion and replaced it with one of those goofy CityCenter art pieces? Perhaps the Typewriter eraser? Imagine the fury!

UPDATED: Details filed with the County state that they're tearing the wall behind it down and expanding nightclub and restaurant space behind it.

The plans show an expansion and modifications to the existing MGM Grand Resort Hotel property. The proposed modifications are on the southwest corner of the property at the intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard South and Tropicana Avenue. The majority of the facade work will be directly behind the bronze MGM lion decorative water feature. The decorative feature around the lion will be modified by removing the elevated sections directly behind the lion while the portion of the water feature in front of the lion will be retained. The basic footprint for the building will remain the same; however, the overall square footage for a night club and restaurant will increase vertically by creating more floors. There will be no changes to existing pedestrian and vehicular access points on the property.

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Comments & Discussion:

I like the lighting behind the Lion. Hopefully they don't change it to much. I love seeing the corner lit up at night and seeing the water features during the day.

Unrelated, but, man, I didn't realize The Trop had been quite so severely white-washed! If I didn't know this was a real photo I could easily believe it was an architectural rendering of proposed changes at MGM...you know the ones where all buildings not involved in the project are basic, white or grey outlines.

Dude I HATE that about the Trop. Everything on the building is washed. It looks like they painted the exterior with KILZ then forgot to paint over it. My dude (who's a graphic artist and notices shit like that) was kind of "appalled" if you will that they left the exterior of the Trop so plain and gross. Even some of the windows have a white hue over them.

The white coating over the windows kills the view, too. It's like permanantly looking out a bus window.

It would be real cool if you could walk under the lion to go into MGM, and maybe if they had Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Tinman and Lion in some kind of animatronics show.

@jinx73: What kind of crazy talk is that? Have you been over served at the Flying Monkey Bar?

It's the largest bronze statue in the US. I always find random records like that interesting. Like the LVH sign is the largest freestanding sign in the world. Kind of nutty.

The more bars with a strip view, the better.


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