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Peekaboo: Wynn's Mizumi, formerly Okada

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 20th April 2012 4:49pm
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VT ultramegasuperpal Jake Z stopped by forthcoming Mizumi restaurant at Wynn Las Vegas, formerly Okada. Let's take a looski, mmkay?

Egad. It seems that the designer has mistaken Japanese restraint for Chinese New Year. Apparently this must be a yakitori joint with only subtlety on the menu.

I do like the filigree in the faux shoji doors though.

The many faces of whimsy. And tacky gold painted bricks... or are they gold bars? Ooooh, how clever!

Yeah, If I were this guy, I'd bag my face too if I had to live in this clown house.

This appears to be the same design which JohnH unearthed from the website of designer and copyright crybaby (and lousy speller) Todd-Angry Lenahan in 2010.


Thanks Jake?

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Comments & Discussion:

Too red, too gold, too gaudy.

Immediate, knee-jerk reaction: Feels like Lenahan possibly reached a little too far into his Disney Imagineer roots here.

On the other hand, the Japanese do seem to have a thing for whimsical reproduction of foreign cultures, and this kind of fits in with that. Not sure how they'd feel at a Japanese style 'imitation' of their own culture in a foreign country, but it does remind me of those "western" bars in Tokyo where the servers wear cowboy hats and serve burgers with little American flags sticking out of them.

Haha. It is actually a bit frightening in person. The entire interior seems to be red, with red walls, columns and other decor.

I do like the faces, though.

You're welcome?


Looks more Chinese than Japanese.

Any idea when they are opening?

Maybe it looks better at night with the lights turned down? Too damn bright in these photos. I do like the door design though.

Yeesh. All it needs is a ceiling fan made of clown shoes.

I posted a few shots of this on my twitter feed as well a few days ago if you want a better look at the bar and empty dining room.

Eating in that room would give me a headache

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