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Cosmopolitan: Calling All Couch Potatoes

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 19th April 2012 12:35pm
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Cosmopolitan EA Sports

Ladies and couch potatoes, the Cosmopolitan recently opened their luxurious EA Sports Bar, wherein you losers can waste your Las Vegas vacation playing fucking video games.

Cosmopolitan EA Sports

One hour of "gaming" will set you back $10, although the time wasted is priceless.

Big huge thanks to VT mega tipster JakeZ for the pix.

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Comments & Discussion:

I'd prefer to play FPS.

Or would that be too mainstream?

Pfff. I can go to the Restoration Hardware outlet in Camarillo for free.

What a bunch of crap.

Vibe is probably better and drinks cheaper at Insert Coin(s) downtown. You probably feel less like a nerd on display or a zoo animal, too. Way to try to co-opt another fad, Cosmo. You're aging faster than Steve Wynn's balls.

You know the duchebags are gonna flock here.

It's a douchequarium!!!!!

or a douchetravaganza.

Cosmo's interior decorating seems out of sync here. Most people that play sports video games are... well... rather typically dudebro males. But outside of this bar and the Talon Club, Cosmo looks pretty femme and flamboyant.

Is Cosmo trying to get more men into the property? That would make some sense given that most table game players are men (non-slot gambling is typically, but not entirely, a sausage fest (side note, my manicurist at Aria said she'd love to play Blackjack more often but was afraid of being bitched at for making incorrect plays... so maybe that fear of social sanction is one of the reasons women are less likely to be table players... irrespective, the statistical tendency towards male players still stands)).

But here's the thing; heavy video gamers probably aren't strong gamblers (I'm both but I haven't met many others that enjoy both hobbies). So the people attracted to this bar probably aren't gaming clientelle.

Cosmo: de-emphasizing the fact they have a casino since day one.

@StudiodeKadent, I agree with you there. It felt more like Club than a casino when I went there.

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