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Rantitorial: Why I Won't Be Playing Blackjack at Cosmopolitan Again

By Blackjacker1979 on Wednesday, 18th April 2012 7:15pm
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Few things can awaken the slumbering hatred within a blackjack player. It's bad enough to end up with players who have their own rules, ignore the book, split tens, or jump in the middle of a heater because they think its their turn. What makes it truly awful however is when the hotels start mucking around with the player's odds.

Unlike places like the Riviera, which is rocking 3 to 2 single deck harkening days gone by, the folks over at Cosmopolitan have decided that just the right amount of wrong isn't enough. Behold, double deck blackjack with 6 to 5 odds. I'll give you a second to recover from your head exploding.

Double deck has long been the standing game of those who are willing to pay higher limits for better odds. And Cosmo has certainly not lowered the limits (especially with Tim Tebow-ing all over tables up in the Talon Club.) However they feel it's ok to screw their players with 6 to 5 blackjack on a high limit game while STILL paying 3 to 2 on a lower limit 8 deck shoe. No thank you very much.

This experiment is still in the testing phase, according to the dealers, but as with all odds shaving the rules will probably stand stand. Once you go whack, there's no going back. Personally, I will not be going back for the whackjack again, which is a shame because it can be a fantastic game with some of great dealers on board.

So Cosmopolitan I ask kindly, will you please stop screwing your player? Messing around with Identity was bad enough, now you have to go beat us around a bit more. In the meantime, I'll take my business to your competition, as much as I don't want to.

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So apparently the Cosmo's customers are rich AND stupid.

I was just there this weekend and noticed that, and even unwittingly played a double deck game until i realized it was 6 to 5. Ended up doing most of my gaming at Bellagio, and when i did play at Cosmo, it never went well. Right now its not worth the hassle. I hope they figure this out. Unfortunately, the tables were always packed. Do people just not notice??

3 to 2 single deck at Riviera? What kind of limits are we talking about?
I've wondered for a long time whether this was a huge untapped market: sensible old school blackjack rules, where the house still has an advantage but isn't trying to squeeze every last bit of fun out of it.

The place to play double-deck is at the Orleans. $5-$10 double-deck with 3-2 payout for blackjacks, re-split Aces and you can play 2 hands without doubling the minimums. I stay on the Strip but play at the Orleans. They also have a GREAT liquor store!

Why am I not surprised? The Cosmo is a perfect place to run this kind of abomination. "If the Lord didn't want them sheared, he wouldn't have made them sheep.." Calvera.
I hope next CBJN list shows this as the initial April one shows a 3/2 dbl deck game at s17, albeit at high limits.
The Riviera low limit single deck is double only on 2 card 10 or more. No double your A-7 vs. 6 etc. But a heck of a better game than the one Blackjacker referrenced at Cosmo. Lotta wrong there.

Cosmo really needs to start being ran properly.

I mean, they're wedged between two casinos with better odds (Aria and Bellagio) and comparable limits. They seem like they have no interest in getting players into their casino!

Making the double deck a 6:5 game is simply stupid. Double deck players tend to be savvy enough to make sure the game is 3:2. Additionally, the tide of 6:5 has been receeding recently at the MGM Properties (I've only seen it in Party Pits at NYNY/MC, and the single deck pit at the MGM Grand... there's none of it at Aria, Bellagio or Mirage IIRC). 6:5 will probably never be eliminated, but it clearly is becoming less common.

Cosmo apparently believe gamblers are stupid and have no understanding of things like "getting a good gamble." This is only true with superstitious Asian gamblers (who typically play Bacc), and heavy slot players. Blackjack players tend to be either casual players or smart players, with smarter players tending to have larger bankrolls (on average).

If Cosmo REALLY wanted to get people into the casino, they'd offer conditions that were competitive with Aria/Bellagio, and they'd be more generous with Identity. A business model that is entirely dependent on F&B and Marquee is going to fail, and so far it has been doing just that.

For shame, Cosmopolitan. For shame.

I have found that Bellagio has always had one table with a 6:5 payout, at their $5 CSM game at the low accessible table right near the lobby check-in, not sure if is there anymore or not (my last trip in Sept) Though kudos for them for recognizing that if you're going to pay 6:5, may as well have a low limit because your target market willing to play a 6:5 table isn't necessarily someone comfortable at $25+ per hand (hint hint, Cosmopolitan!)

Hope Cosmopolitan reconsiders, not that I've ever done well at their double deck tables but I definitely won't be playing it so long as the 6:5 payout is in place. I will say that my experience with Identity has been that it IS generous. I, a lowly 'Sapphire' over at MLife, have been fortunate to have 3+ room offers in the last year and I am not a high roller - usually play table minimum and the last time I really played at the property was almost a year ago I think? I have just interpreted it that if they are reaching the likes of me with comp offers, they must be at the bottom of the list and what does that mean for the health of the casino operations?!?

I was happy to see on my last trip that Paris had 3 DD 3/2 $25 tables. I hadn't seen DD at a CET property on the regular floor for quite sometime (although it maybe just that I hadn't seen it, not that it wasn't there) Knowing that Park Place had instituted 6/5 and Harrahs seemed to help it spread like a virus, it was nice to see a property change for the better. Lets hope it continues.

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