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The Ultimate Hangover Cure

By MikeE on Wednesday, 11th April 2012 8:23am
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In a city known for its excess, there's little that surprises me. Still, this might be one of the most excessive things I've ever seen.

Yes, a bus specializing in curing your hangovers by poking you with an IV. Yeah, I too searched all over this website wondering if it was the remnants of an April Fool's joke.

You get in, they stab you, give you meds, and claim you're better within 45 minutes. Packages range from a $90 introductory offer to a $500 "house" call to your hotel room.

The site itself is chock full of unintentional comedy from the staged testimonials that begin at Cosmopolitan and end at The Mirage (and the dude who drank three bottles of vodka and yet is alive to tell us about it) to Dr. Jason Burke, the stud behind the operation who's guaranteed to get phone calls from supposedly hungover girls hoping to get a poke from more than just his needles. The whole time I'm thinking Cosmo should just buy the business out and keep it parked in the porte cochere - lo and behold, that's one of their main pick-up spots. LMAONADE!

Is it worth it? Honestly, I've had entire Vegas vacation days ruined by a hangover, shivering uncontrollably at the Chandelier Bar while JohnD sipped his martini and blackjacker1979 kept buying me fucking drinks. This, at 8pm. For days like those, I'd do the basic treatment if my own efforts don't have me cured by the afternoon, and only if I've read a few independent reviews testifying to its safety and effectiveness.

Perhaps we should have the bus on standby for VIMFP?

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Comments & Discussion:

There actually might be some scientific truth to this... one of my friends has a younger brother who's a paramedic. Back in the day, him and his buddies would go out, get shitfaced, then fit each other with IVs to sober up. You basically feel like a million bucks after about a half hour. It would be hilarious to arrive at a party where they'd be at and see them walking around with IV bags held over their heads...

Giving a patient IV fluids, anti nausea meds iv, anti inflammatory meds IV, and vitamin supplements IV can be done in the er with alcohol poisoning. Now... most drs arent going to do more than push fluids for most people for multiple reasons I wont go into here. But that treatment in a hospital setting would change ones state of mind for sure and cost a ton of money in an er situation( although some anti nausea meds cause sedation). Its an interesting idea... I'll leave it at that.

I have a few nurse friends that (back in the day) would draw straws to see who had to stay sober to hook up the IVs when the rest of the group passed out. They claimed to all woke up feeling like a million bucks but really had to pee.

A cheaper option would be going to Walgreens and spending 4 bucks on a bottle of coconut water. It taste like shit but 45 minutes later you'll feel fine.

I think i would go with the coconut water. I work at a hospital and there are medical professionals who can't do an IV right.

It's probably cheaper just to do a line of blow.

No comment.

I believe that this is legitimate. A friend of mine who is a medical doctor once told me that as interns, he and his colleagues would administer IVs to one another as instant hangover cures.

Pussies. Puke like a man. If God wanted us to go all sissy, He wouldn't have given us ice buckets.

IV's will cure. I'm a first responder. It works. (Not like I know for real telling for a friend)

NB - Not for NO 500 bucks! Aint worth that nor 90 bucks.

OK, Mike, let's just plug in some 24-hour IV hookups -- start out around lunchtime with whatever they're serving up at Vesper or Parasol, keep switching to new cocktail IV bags into the evening, then at some point switch over to the hangover cure. Hell, why not put a different line in each arm -- one for the poison, one for the cure? Maybe a catheter and urine bag would be a good timesaver, too.

Better living through science!


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