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Climaxx Prematurely Ejacts

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 5th April 2012 4:27pm
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Eater Vegas is reporting that Climaxx - the nightclub planned to move in to the former Alex restaurant space - has been kiboshed because they can't sound proof the joint.

If I could sound proof my garage with egg cartons so my band could play lousy versions of "The Trooper" without pissing off Mrs. Eckman next door, the brain trust at Wynn could find some sextuple paned glass to block in the noise at Climaxxxxx.

Damn subwoofers.

The name still sucks.

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Comments & Discussion:

Well I guess they can continue running it as a makeshift jewelry showroom for now.

I knew they'd have trouble getting it up.

old news ;-)

Hey happens to everyone, right?

Thrilled to hear this. I really didn't want to see Wynn put another nightclub in ,especially so close to the Tower Suites area.

maybe they will bring back alex?

Great news!! The last thing Wynncore needs is another LOUD nightclub.


I'm actually surprised that Marilyn didn't let a tiny thing like noise stop her from developing a potential cash cow.

My guess is that Wynn will now turn the space into Esteban's, a place for Mexican food and margaritas since you have places like Diablo's, Hussong's, Cabo Wabo, Senor Frogs and Carlos'n Charlies on the Strip and they don't want to miss out on this trend.....

They should do something similar to Alex but with a more open concept like the remodeled tower suites lobby areas nearby. Maybe more of the "bringing the outside in" concept.

When they figure it out, I hope they can share their soundproofing knowledge with Aria. I stopped in at their men's spa for a nice relaxing Saturday afternoon. As I got quite comfy in the steam room, I was treated to a voice screaming, "Make some fuckin noise!!!" (oon ce, oon ce, oon ce, oon ce...)


So....nerves eh?

Sounds like they couldn't find a sound condom small enough.

I think this is yet another sign that someone...not sure who...has realized the error of the ways at Wynn over the last few years and is making serious strides in righting the wrongs...first, they redesigned the redesigned website, then they hired a new VP of food & beverage, now they've cockblock Clymaxx!, somebody must've realized that the rich gamblers who would be sleeping in those villas on top of Clymaxx! are still more important to the bottom line than the clubbers...or maybe this is the first indication that Vegas's nightclub trend has peaked?

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