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The Cult To Play M Resort May 26

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 5th April 2012 2:11pm
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In the mid-1980s I dated a punk rock girl bedecked in torn colored tights, Chuck Taylors, spiky bracelets and a mostly shaved head whose remainder was bleached three shades of blonde. I loved her.

She introduced into my metal obsession Joy Division, The Cure, The Smiths, GBH, Dead Kennedys, The Ramones, Black Flag and The Cult. I introduced her to Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer, Voivod, S.O.D., Nuclear Assault, Possessed, Overkill, Cro Mags, Suicidal Tendencies and Anthrax.

When we weren't sticking our tongues out at our small town college society types or throngs of guido/ettes we were holed up in our dorm rooms sticking our tongues into each other. Romance. Sex. Rock and roll. Our song was "Wait" by White Lion. Thrash Metal Head + Punk Rock Girl = Hair Metal Power Ballad. How goofy? As with everything awesome, our relationship flamed out gloriously within a year. I was crushed. It was my first real romance but I came away from it realizing that I wasn't the only one who hated Reagan's America and that there were more of us misfits in the world than there were cool people.

A few years later, I tried to track her down to go see a show - Metallica with The Cult opening at a racetrack in upstate New York - but had no luck. It seemed like an unlikely combination, but by this time The Cult had left-turned from their spooky goth rock to muscular quasi metal. I went anyway, alone, and pushed my way to the front row in front of Kirk Hammett. Metallica was touring in support of the "...And Justice For All" album. The Cult came out with a roar, rocking impressively. Skeptical, unimpressed Metallica fans responded by throwing bottles at them. The lead singer, Ian Astbury, danced through and between the bottles, catching, deflecting and trapping them with moves that would've made Pele proud. They took their abuse, soldiered on, and ended up crushing the rest of the show. A few months later, the drummer from the Cult, Matt Sorum, left the band to replace Steven Adler as the drummer of Guns N Roses (and eventually Velvet Revolver.)

I you all that to tell you this, which you've probably gleaned from the headline, The Cult, with new album in tow, will be playing the gigantic pool area at M Resort on Saturday, May 26 at 7pm. This will most certainly be a great evening of rock n roll mayhem. Undoubtably, the ladies will be there, dressed to kill.

In case you were wondering how the story turned out, our paths crossed via the pre-Facebook internet fifteen years later, where we exchanged pleasantries, apologies and updated each other about our relationship status. She still had her rock collection and I still had my red Stratocaster.

Some things, like fun, never change.

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Bee five two, baby,
Way up in the sky,
Come drop your lovin on me, chile.

I think I listened to "Electric" every day for about a year.

Love the story, it's what makes the sight so unique and interesting.

Nice. From what I've sene of it that was an awesome tour. Sorry to hear you couldn't get it to last, but then there wouldn't be the current Mrs. Chuckmonster, so there's that.

Somebody had to say it, but was she a "Fire Woman"..... ;)

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