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Palms 86s Vince Neil Via Twitter

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 2nd April 2012 10:52pm
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The Palms has given Motley Crue lead singer Vince Neil the boot (8Sixx'd?) from their property. Via Twitter. Yeah.

Start at the bottom.

Vince Neil 86d From Palms

Has anyone, ever been booted from a casino via Twitter for saying bad shit about a casino on Twitter? Shit, if they're booting people for saying bad shit about them on the internet, I'm surprised the entire Las Vegas casino hasn't 86'd me via Twitter.

Ever the live wire, Vince Neil sticks his dick in the crazy and responds (again, read from the bottom up.)

Vince Neil 86d From Palms

I wonder what Vince really did... I doubt he got caught smokin' in the boys room. Sounds like he went off on an employee. If memory serves, Vince Neil was 86'd from Motley Crue at least twice.

Vince, we know you read VT! Drop us a line and set the record straight!

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Comments & Discussion:

Vince must have been on a "Hooligan's Holiday".

I know its a bad pun.

I wonder as they were kicking him out if they played... Don't Go Away Mad ( Just Go Away) ??

Why oh why can't Celine go off on an employee at Caesars instead?

Did Vince have sex in the hallways? Or smoke weed in the middle of the casino floor? I thought bad boy behaviour was encouraged in Vegas?

In the 'ole days they would break his legs! lol

Vince should offer the Palms executives free passes to a night at Girls Girls Girls. And once they show up, and are relaxed, then have his goons throw em out. See how they like it!

What a toolbox.

I like the part where he thinks writing love letters to George in the midst of his rants will help anything. "Oh shit, some washout who is better known by today's people for his tattoo parlors than his music is going to give us negative publicity! On Twitter!"

Don't hold your breath while waiting for that velvet carpet.

A 50 year old guy giving Spring Break tips is a little disconcerting.

Well one of his Vince Neil Ink locations will be getting 86d as the result of O'Sheas closing.....

Well....this is just weird. Usually it's Nikki string up shit with someone.

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