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Peeping The New Flamingo FAB

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 30th March 2012 2:29pm
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VT super tipster A5RoadDogg recently stayed in one of the new Flamingo FAB rooms and brought back a grip of photos. Some may remember that his eagle eyes were the ones that alerted us to this new room category way back when.

Here goes:

Flamingo Las Vegas FAB Rooms ReviewHall

Flamingo Las Vegas FAB Rooms Review8139

Flamingo Las Vegas FAB Rooms ReviewEntry

Flamingo Las Vegas FAB Rooms ReviewBed

Flamingo Las Vegas FAB Rooms ReviewBedfull

Flamingo Las Vegas FAB Rooms ReviewRug

Flamingo Las Vegas FAB Rooms ReviewChair

Flamingo Las Vegas FAB Rooms ReviewThrow

Flamingo Las Vegas FAB Rooms ReviewDesk

Flamingo Las Vegas FAB Rooms ReviewTv

Flamingo Las Vegas FAB Rooms ReviewSofa

Flamingo Las Vegas FAB Rooms ReviewThrone

Flamingo Las Vegas FAB Rooms ReviewSinks

Flamingo Las Vegas FAB Rooms ReviewShower

Interesting. I'm not so sure about the throw there.... could be the way it was photographed but it looks skanky.

A5RoadDogg adds:

I've stayed in the GO rooms before, and it's nowhere near those. The design is a saving grace, but the quality and comfort of the products used just are not nice enough. The subtle highlights of Flamingo-pink-on-black-and-grey throughout the room were the best design elements. The dot on the chair, the strip on the floor, the dots on the chaise lounge pillow, the blanket, and the old b/w flamingo photo with the bright color logo.

This felt more like an appropriate update to the basic rooms - not a new remodel worth advertising and charging a premium for. Would I take it comped again? Sure. Would I pay $150 or $200 a weekend night, like a tourist will be asked to? Absolutely zero chance.

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Comments & Discussion:

I volunteer to install some Crown Molding, Crair Rail and a nice Higher Baseboard to break up that slab of a wall.

Boring. And, I'm pretty sure, that bathroom is UNCHANGED since the last time stayed there...about 10 years ago. Gotta love the built in bottle opener and razor blade disposal unit.

Yuck... I've stayed in a GO Room and if I ever go back, i'll stay in a Go Room. This looks bad, except for the hardwood floors.

I wasn't expecting much from the hotel's website photos, and your review confirms it. I will say that in comparison to the deluxe rooms which were some of the most run down rooms on the strip it's a welcome improvement though.

Any refurb is better than nothing, but I don't think this is enough to get me to stay in one of these rooms (vs a Go room); even if it is for free. IMO (as a recent guest) the Flamingo is lacking in so many other areas that it is hard to justify staying there.
Maybe the Linq will make things better.

After seeing these pics I still would not stay there but the rooms do look clean if not generic. Is the furry thing on the bed supposed to be a comforter or a soft place for a post shower sit down on the bed? Fluffy things are better for the ass.

CWatts 26, those aren't hardwood floors. It's some kind of cheap, poorly installed vinyl product, probably just glued down on the concrete floor. Honestly, could not have looked worse, as well as noisy and cold. And the furry thing on the end of the bed is a germophobe's nightmare. This is the worst room I have experienced in all my trips to LV. Even comped, I would stay somewhere else the next time.

They don't look THAT bad but they're no where as cool and funky as the GoRooms. The FAB rooms are def a step up from their basic offerings and they look better in person than they do on the website. Like someone above previously said, some renovation is better than no renovation. I'm sure with the way the economy is they're trying to work with what they've got. I haven't looked at the prices but I'm really hoping they're not charging a huge premium to get this room.

Typically they show up as the category above deluxe rooms and below go rooms. If a deluxe room is $50, Fab deluxe is about $5 more, Fab luxury (strip view) $10 more, and Go, from $20-25 more

The room ia a nice sleep in room and nothing else. The room is not made to be a party room. From what I have seen in the MGM realm, these look nice.


When it comes to Staging sellable spaces (and the term 'Staging' means to prepare any commodity whther it is a house, yacht, car... anything you want to improve for increased and steady sales for top dollar...) that have been remodeled- there must be an overwhelming change/ improvement in order for it to read "successfully remodeled" to interested Buyers. In cases like this- when you fail to even reach the bar, it creates extremely wasteful spending instead of investment. This is the perfect example...

Flamingo wasted their money on this remodel and they will have to redo it again very soon, probably at a more expensive rate. They absorbed poor advice, and pushed poor choices into production. What a shame. This room is a nightmare and doesn't exhibit Design integrity or ingenuity at all.

We now have a perfect textbook definition for "half-ass remodel".


I've tentatively booked one of these Fab Rooms (Fab Luxury) for VIMFP. It was too good of a deal to pass up and can of course be easily cancelled if another option crops up or I decide to change the reservation to a Go Room (which is a possibility).

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