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Did The D Do Due Diligence?

By Misnomer on Friday, 23rd March 2012 11:56am
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As you may have heard, the Downtown Las Vegas casino formerly known as Fitzgeralds has become The D. Various reports indicate that the "D" in The D stands alternately for "Derek" or "Detroit" - although it might just as well stand for "Delusional" if the casino truly believes that the new mono-consonant name will attract hipsters Downtown to grind out quarter video keno on their Longbar.

But The D has another problem. When one Googles "The D Vegas" it returns as its first link not the gaming establishment, but rather an Urban Dictionary entry for D-Vegas. From the Urban Dictionary:

A town on the border of Illinois and Indiana that is known for it's shitty-ness. D-Vegas is actually Danville, Illinois, but is known as D-Vegas because of the irony. It is a ghost town. This town is where good, profitable businesses go to die. If you do not farm corn, you will become poor and be moved into section eight housing on the ghetto side of the city. Danville is a blackhole of shit, if you were born here, inevitably, you will be brought back. Somehow. Usually because you impregnated a woman and must come take care of her.

Well then. One wonders if anyone at the former Fitz bothered to Google "The D Vegas" before the renaming. While this isn't exactly Rick Santorum's Google Problem, it's pretty D-amn close.

As for D-Vegas, the town, I went out with a hairdresser from Danville while I was going to school in Champaign. She invited me camping, and when it became evident that I'd be sharing a tent with her and her father, I got out of there faster than the #5 horse in a Sigma Derby race. That's a mostly true story.

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All I know about Danville is that you can buy a very nice house there for about the cost of a pre-owned Mercedes:


Don't forget the pride and joy of D-Vegas:

The D-Vegas boutique!


Having gone to college at the U of I in Champaign, not far from Danville, I can tell you I've never heard anyone call it D-Vegas.

It is indeed a shithole though.

it's so cold in the D Vegas.

Over time, The D website will rise in the rankings as it gets linked to.

Derek Stevens did point to the fact that so many names they wanted didn't have the corresponding domain name available. Somebody bought thed.com domain in 2000 and just parked it. Good four letter domain names are pretty damn rare. Given that they had to pay someone to aquire it, I have to think other options were available.

In other news, doing my research on the above took me to Go Daddy's aftermarket. EdHardy.net if available for $550. I'll pass.

The only thing I know about Danville is that it's where Dick Van Dyke is from. So how much of a shithole can it really be?

Having been born and raised in Danville, Illinois I can confirm that it is indeed a shit-hole, mainly due to the lack of a night-life there for us young adults in our late teens and early twenties. Mostly all of my friends have gone off to school elsewhere, including myself, and yes you can buy a nice new house for dirt cheap, and yes we only have about 40,000 residents, but what most of you don't know is that we are actually on the verge of getting a casino of our own. Currently, we are waiting for governor Quinn to sign off on a revised version of the bill and have high hopes for success because of our location. We're only 2 hours south of Chicago, 1 hour straight west from Indy, and 30 minutes from the U of I. Also we call it "d-vegas" because for all of it's shittyness, the people here really do know how to party, and actually have spread the name all over the country. We also have numerous successful people who were born here including Dick and Jerry Van Dyke, Gene Hackman, UNLV's Keon Clark, Darrin Fletcher, Jason Anderson, Robin Yount, and Zeke Bratkowski to name a few; and take pride in them. Also, historic Danville Stadium is fucking gorgeous and was actually used in the filming of the movie "The Babe"

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