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Cosmopolitan Trading Pop Up Weddings For PS3

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 22nd March 2012 8:32am
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The Pop Up Wedding Chapel at Cosmopolitan (formerly Dr. Dave's favorite useless furniture store "Droog") is turning into a bar with some Slay Stations and TVs in it.

My previous thoughts still apply.

Any predictions as to what it will be in six months? I'm guessing a craft beer garden / used sweater shop called "Williamsburg."

Thanks to VT super ferret Mac78695 for the manscaping ideas and tweet tip. Hi Mac!

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Comments & Discussion:

Agree; this change will be a failure from day one. The venue has too much light for video games. It will take a significant expenditure to convert the space into a bar anywhere near the quality standards of the other Cosmo bars. To that point, it's not like Cosmo doesn't already have more than enough great bars to attract guests.

The question is really what would work in that space. There is very little foot traffic and it is relatively calm/quiet. Not that we need any more of these, but a tatoo parlor or Apple store would be a good fit. I still like the fake wedding chapel idea for a lower tier property like Flamingo.

Article in The Sun said it was meant to be a temp. space. This for March Madness, the wedding thing for New Years & Valentines, etc. Isn't everything in Vegas temporary until it is a success?!

The space was empty when I saw it Tuesday... doesn't look like it will take much to convert it, as it already looks like an empty loft somewhere. With as packed as Bond was every night, as well as The Henry, they would really benighted from something like those venues. Maybe put a walkup bar from the sidewalk. It would really give that space some energy.

Maybe they are in negotiations to bring the 50th Sugar Factory to the strip. We need more of those.

For the Summer it'll be a pop-up spray tan salon.....

For the Fall, it'll be a carve-your-own hipster pumpkin shop.....

For Christmas, it'll be a build-your-own hipster stuffed animal shop....

(excuse the rant) for what it's worth, portland is way more "hipster" than williamsburg these days. ever since the northsix became the music hall of williamsburg, things have been on a downward yuppie trajectory. (/rant)

I wouldn't be surprised if this became a rotating gimmick space. That might actually work well for them, since they'd often have something new for repeat visitors.

@melt should I change it to "Canarsie" ??

Next Spring's concept will be a do-it-yourself perfume/cologne lab called ¢¢

@chuck that's the other end of the L. i'm not sure i even know anyone that's ever been out there. i would settle on "bushwick," if we're going with bk hipster neighborhoods.

Hi chuck! :)

how it hasn't turned into a Store Selling Thick Framed Glasses, Knit Hats, Fedoras, Scarves, and Skinny Jeans amazes me

They already got those type of shops in there already......

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