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Roger Thomas Profiled In The New Yorker

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 19th March 2012 3:35pm
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Roger Thomas

Oh boy... VT super pal Jake Z tips us off that God's designer (and VT reader) Mr. Roger Thomas is profiled in this month's issue of The New Yorker magazine.

To read click here or subscribe to the mag via their iPad app or purchasing a hard copy - perfect for snuggling, asking design advice to, draping tassels on, pondering the relative merits of various orange pantone colors with, whisper sweet nothings at, sharing scones with or to emulate and fetish.

Can you tell how much I love Roger Thomas? I'm running right out to the newsstand right now to get TWO copies I can fluff and make sticky.

Hi Rog!

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Comments & Discussion:

Did the same group that built the Wynn website do the photoshop work for the New Yorker?

Roger Thomas hasn't lost his touch. The new High Limit slot area looks even better in person, IMHO. If this is the direction they are going to take the other upcoming remodels, Wynn's casino floor will feel dramatically different this time next year.

I wonder what he has planned over at Encore? That's one casino floor that is showing it's age rather well. The energy in that place even at 3 am beats any place on the strip. There's just something about it.

The dig at Marilyn Winn Spiegel in the article was not exactly subtle. Trying to put Roger on a budget - everywhere else its genius this and perfectionist that, except when he's talking to Marilyn. Then its, dents in the mirror? No big deal!

Also, the bit about the clubber who climbed up a rock feature into a bed of flowers and passed out in the Wynn lobby made me laugh. At least at Cosmo there were couches for my buddy to pass out in.

Best line from Roger: "every old casino looked like it was designed by two hookers and a pit boss".

The article's a great read. And the clubber thing is hilarious.

Somebody please tell the New Yorker that there is only one "n" in "anal".

God's designer? Really? Chuck, I am surprised you can type so well with RogTom's cock in your mouth (or ass).

Hmmm...that may have been a bit harsh....I apologize, but really his designs are nice but repetative and the high limit carpet still looks like someone blew their nose on it.

^ +1

repetitive? I think its called having a cohesive design.

The "Two hookers and a pit boss" line is very funny. Firts time I recall hearing it was from Alan King on my favorite A&E "The Real Las Vegas" 4 hour documentary from 1996. IMO, still the best Las Vegas history available.

@duffman @sandyastroglide don't like bellagio? mirage? wynn? encore? i guess trolls have special casino design needs.

^ +1

To be fair, I don't really like any of the above bar for Bellagio, which is really classic. The Wynn designs have really never done it for me. But thats design - its inherently subjective. Aria is much more my speed.

See, what I like about properties like Wynncore, Bellagio and Mirage is that there is a real flow to everything and nothing dead ends. Aria has a lot of "dead space" IMHO. Those odd little blank corners in areas of the casino floor that could be a corner of a mall storage room. We've all torn CityCenter apart for its layout faults, but Aria just has now flow. No real life. To each it's own. I think a lot of Wynn's designs are over the top and nothing I'd have in my house, but for a Vegas resort.. I can't think of what more you'd ask for.

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