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VIMFP: Save The Date!

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 19th March 2012 12:54pm
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Save The Date

Just a quick note to all of our dear friends that we have put our chips on a date for this years Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic - Saturday October 13, 2012 at 3pm. Mark it on your calendar, send yourself an invitation, tie a string around your finger... whatever it is to remind you that VIMFP is a little over six months away.

Host hotel/attendee deals and all that good stuff will be posted as soon as we get everything settled. Woohooo!



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10-13 is perfect, maybe Parabounce will be open by then...

That's my birthday weekend...aw...thanks for thinking of me! If only I was morally bankrupt rather than financially I'd be there!

^^ you've got plenty of time to save up!

So I can maybe see Madonna throw awkward game at some DJ 1/2 her age that weekend? nice.

Chuck's a Girl Gone Wild a Good Girl Gone Wild!

I just bought a plane ticket!

Yay! Misnomer said he's buying us all our very own hand-crafted leather steamer trunk of Comsmopolitan booze to celebrate the weekend.

The only way I am not there is if one (or more) of the following occur:

1. I lose my job
2. I'm in jail
3. I'm homeless
4. I'm deathly ill
5. I'm dead

I appreciate the sentiment of Madonna's "Girl Gone Wild". The last time she was a girl gone wild, a saber toother tiger ended up dry humping her.

Will Madonna ahow up? I would like to party with her.

No comment.

See ya Oct 13th!

99% I'm in!

I'm at about 99% as well. Trying to find the right mix for rooms. Co-travellers agreed to change the dates though from our November trip, which was the hard part of things.

Booked a room at Caesars, stil waiting for a drop in airfare

I'm going to book sometime in June/July likely doing a package deal via Delta Vacations since I can knock a couple of hundred off the price of it by cashing in my SkyMiles. I've been leaning towards Aria myself, but may look into the Octavius Tower at Caesars.

Ugh.. Can't make it :(

@vespa, I'm not locked into Caesars, just found a great rate. Will likely change venues a couple of times before the trip

@Donnymac I know how that is, as quite a few trips I've done the same thing. I just know that once I book my trip package, I'm locked in to that hotel, which is part of the reason why I'm waiting another couple of months to book my stuff.

debating between just getting it booked now (dumpy and free) or waiting a while and seeing what comes up. I have a vp tourney offer that I want to tie into it too. I just hate trying to redo those offers if you have to cancel as they don't always re-populate in the system. (at least they used to not do that).

damn. i was going to be in denver. might cut it short, to do this...

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