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Las Vegas News Brief's For March 16

By Misnomer on Friday, 16th March 2012 1:08pm
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News Brief's

New Cosmopolitan Commercial Filmed In Lancaster County Amish Country

Cosmopolitan Commercial

Buggy Travel Featured In Cosmopolitan's New TV Ad

In what is being hailed as a "triumph" by industry observers, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has released the latest in a line of television commercials filmed miles away from the Nevada resort.

The new advertisement comes hot on the heels of a critically acclaimed spot that featured the music of the classic rock band Queen. That commercial was devoid of a single frame of footage of the Las Vegas hotel itself.

Electing to return to that successful formula once again, Cosmopolitan's new commercial was filmed off-property in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, home to several Amish communities.

The Pennsylvania Dutch Amish eschew the conveniences of modern technology as a matter of religious conviction, and the Cosmopolitan commercial features several "day in the life" scenes of these proud people. Over the uptempo beat of Boston's "More Than A Feeling," various Amish are seen driving horse and buggies, plowing fields with teams of oxen, and attending church services. The ad reaches a fever pitch when a soaring Tom Scholz guitar solo accompanies a barn raising.

The commercial, which first aired during the Oscars telecast, has drawn media acclaim. "Sexy!" gushed Martin Greensfelder of the advertising trade magazine AdBuzzz. "The ad works because it's flirty, randy, and even a little naughty. Cosmo just gets it. They have such tremendous brand awareness. They're comfortable with who they are, and they don't care who knows it."

A spokesperson for the Cosmopolitan agreed. "When we brought this fabulous resort to Las Vegas, we had a story to tell. And we can't think of a better way to tell it than through the eyes of the Mennonites."

Cee Lo Green's "Loberace" to Feature Song, Dance, Lobotomies

Neo-Soul Singer Cee Lo Green will bring his spectacular new show "Loberace" to the Las Vegas Strip this summer, and it promises to be unlike anything Sin City has ever seen.

"When we were putting this thing together, I kept thinking, man, what can we do to blow people's minds?" said Green, the energetic star of TV's "The Voice". "I knew we'd have singing, and dancing, but we needed something bigger. Then it hit me - lobotomies!"

While some show details are still closely guarded secrets, Cee Lo Green has revealed that he will perform the lobotomies on randomly selected audience members during a performance of the Gnarls Barkley hit "Crazy".

Questioned regarding his credentials for performing brain surgery, Green responded, "Man, the Nevada Board of Medicine tried to drop that rap on me too, and I was like, "Fuck yoooooooouuuuuuu!'."

Tickets for "Loberace" are $95.00 and $125.00, and schizophrenics are encouraged to sit in the first three rows.

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Let's place odds!

Well I just wasted 10 minutes looking for the ad on you tube.

your best yet! The Cosmo bit is spot on

Haha. Awesomeness.

I was looking forward to the new commercial , dang it!

Thank God they decided not to run the one with the dogs and cats fornicating. I think that was the wrong amount of wrong.

Well I just wasted 10 minutes looking for the ad on you tube.


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