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Sayonara Palms Playboy Club

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 15th March 2012 10:28pm
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Palms announced today that the Playboy Club at The Palms is closing in early June.

Late last year, the Palms abruptly fired all of their Playboy Bunnies, replacing them with newer, cheaper models. Recently, we were told that that a large chunk of the social media team at the Palms/Playboy club up and left their jobs for new gigs inside the Caesars Borg.

We can mostly assume that the days of the Palms - and its reputation of being a swinging center of the action - are on the fast track to becoming a locals centric video poker joint and, potentially, a Stations Casinos takeover target.

We still love you George.

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Calling Penn National, come in Penn National...

I'll be in town memorial weekend. Is it at least worth a taxi drive from the strip?

Probably not, Skywise. I was there back in October - it was a Sunday night, granted, but the place was DEAD. we went up to Ghostbar and there were only a few people in there. Kinda nice to be able to get a drink easily and sit wherever you want, but not much in the way of atmosphere. Then we wanted to go to the Playboy Club, which they said was open on the sign downstairs, but it was closed and nobody knew what was going on. Other than that it was just a boring place. We left pretty quickly.

@Skywise it depends on the night and what else is going on. i stayed there last sept (2010) for the matador records 21st anniversary party and the place was totally packed every night and the vibes were up throughout the weekend.

I stayed 3 nights last month and everything was open, clean, and busy. I agree the Palms has lost its celebrity status and is quickly becoming a locals joint. I believe closing the Playboy club has as much to do with Playboy's financials (and Hefner's age) as anything. The magazine side of the business has serious financial problems and Hef no longer has a crew of celebrity girls he can send. He rarely leaves the mansion overnight due to his age. There just isn't enough of a promotions budget to market and hold events at the club anymore. I think this is a loss for both the Palms and Playboy.

@Skywise No need to catch a cab if you are willing to wait for the free shuttle from Bill's (side of the building) to Gold Coast then just walk across the street to Rio. However, the shuttle only runs about every 30-45 minutes. Time in Vegas if valuable. Get a cab. It isn't a long ride.

Playboy Club was the 35'th highest revenue generating of all dayclub/nightclubs in the U.S. last year. So certainly not a failure. However, by debranding and running it themselves, they won't have to pay Playboy royalties. But they won't have the Playboy name as a draw either.

Yeah I think IIRC the ride was like $5 or $10 from Bally's or IP and that was because of tip. But make sure they don't schill you and try to take the front exit out onto the Strip traffic. Make them go the back way. I had a fit when the driver was trying to do this to me. Have the Taxi Authority number on hand and ready for such things. They handle bigger issues like taking the long way through the tunnel and then going around, but if you have an equally pressing issue that's about to happen, like being dropped off in the desert in 115 degree heat.. might be a good number to have. Along with 911 and the proper mindset to get the taxi's ID number..

Easiest way to get to the Palms is a) take the Flamingo 202 Cat, from Caesers to the Gold Coast...or, take the Harrahs Shuttle to the Rio, and cross the street..simple..

Having said that, if they're closing the Playboy Club, will the Playboy Suite, that runs about $2500 a night, be rennovated to some other theme? How long will it be before Playboy goes digital, and stops publishing the monthly "book"..which is only 10 issues a year, since they combine the Feb/Mar and July/Aug editions now..

If you head to the Palms during the day, its most certainly a locals joint..I'm curious if the video poker, which was certainly playable, has survived the new ownership, or if it was "adjusted", as the Wynn paytables were over a year ago?

Hugh Hefner's account tweeted that a new location on the strip will be coming? Caesars and PH make the most sense to me, but I guess we'll see what happens.

My first visit to the Playboy club was fantastic, it was open for about a week, it was midweek, so it wasn't very crowded and I loved it. The lighting was perfect, the music was at the right levels, and the place smelled like good cigars. The view at the vp bar was awesome, giving you a full view of the strip.

Cut to one year later and I brought some friends back to check it out as I had raved about it. Ugh, what a disappointment. The level of oomph oomph permeating throughout the lounge was unbearable. The good cigar smell had been replaced by cheap cigar smell and piss, and most of the furnishings were worn down with blocked ropes on tables all over the place, empty tables mind you, but no longer allowed to enjoy the lounge without bottle service.

I could see it moving to PH or CP, but more as a "party pit" sort of thing. Or then again, it could be part of the Linq project. Now what would be the ultimate would be for Caesars Entertainment to turn Bill's into the Playboy Hotel and Casino.

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