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The New Aria Marquee

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 9th March 2012 2:28pm
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While we were out Aria built a new marquee. This thing is so full of failure I'm compelled to apologize for all the nasty stuff we said about the old one.

Bad Design. Bad layout. They even messed up the scale of the logo - the "ria" should be 20% smaller.

Who's in charge over there?

Big thanks to VT uberboober Jake Z for the pictip.

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Comments & Discussion:

Apparently badly mis-sized white typography on a dull black rectangular background is the new thing in town. I'm surprised the sign doesn't have beveled edges.

That looks dreadful! - even more so when you can see the nice, well thought out, Bellagio one behind it, what idiot let them put it up with an incorrect logo, considering this a resort that sells itself partially on its amazing architecture, this is a disgrace!

The ARIA name even looks crooked. Like it's leaning to the left. The last A is further away from the O in casino than the R is from the &. Shouldn't they be level? Did they put this up at night? WTF?

Simply breathtaking.

Looks like they are still working on it. Hopefully the edge will get some kind of border. Looks like Steves LARGE FONT IS CONTAGIOUS.

Don't forget to breathe!

Acutally that ARIA logo is correct. The problem is that it's never been printed that big.

Also out of hundreds of concepts they picked this one because it's the cheapest and it's suposed to look similar to the one going up on the front of the building.

I feel bad for the company building this, they're the best sign company in town. They're the people that made the Wynn sign and every other cool sign in town.

The thing is so outstanding that I drove right by it a few times last week and didn't even notice it. Did see the Bellagio sign. Wow, can't believe I missed it.

The abhorrence of this sign is really indescribable. We saw it on the way into town last night. Not lit at 7pm, the font is wrong, everything is wrong. It's just a fucking clusterfuck of fuck. Fire the designer, STAT!!

I'll work on some HiRes images to show the shitshow that this thing really is.

The sign looks like a McDonald's sign on the highway telling you the oasis is so many miles away.

are they still working on a marquee for the strip side of Aria?

Too much dead space on that sign. Instead of left-justifying the Aria logo, they have centered it which would have lessened the impact of the dead space. In that "dead space", put the Aria "a" in a color a few shades lighter than the background.

It's no Stardust (my favorite sign)
It's about as interesting as a business card.


Of all the people that had to be involved, this is what they came up with?

Absurdly awful, just so plain

Wow, does that suck. But seriously, that really sucks.

Take from the Aria website "ARIA's architectural expression will reveal itself at every turn."

This 'billboard' doesn't convey any of that. It looks like it should show the latest gas prices. Aria resort, casino, and mini-mart.

The marquee that will go up near the front of Harmon will look NOTHING like that, unless they have radically changed the plans since the end of year. The LVB marquee will be a more curved design, with the legs of it incorporated into the current bridges in front of the Harmon.

I'll have to take a picture of this awful looking thing tomorrow morning.

If i ever SEE this sign, im obviously drunk and have paid waaaaay too much for a cab from the airport

This is what happens when you don't use the same group of architects that designed the structure, or at least architects that respect the (st)architects.

I don't have any problems with the sign from that picture. Not great, but not bad either. I guess I'll have to see it in-person before I pass judgment.

It honestly doesn't look as bad in person. Not great either...

A sign as intertesting as Murren.

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