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Wynn Redesigns Website, Again

By Misnomer on Friday, 9th March 2012 2:14pm
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Uh oh. Looks like Steve helped with the redesign, too.

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Not cool to make an eyesight joke like this about someone with a terrible eye disorder, namely Retinitis Pigmentosa.

Lighten up Francis.....

It is possible to be funny without making fun of something a person has no control over. Disease and physical disorders deserve the respect of being off limits as sources for cheap "humor".

^^ You're really going to hate next week's Bob Stupak column.

@rbg81601 Perhaps VegasTripping isn't the site for you then, as this place is not some politically correct, sanitized for your protection, let's all sit around the campfire singing Kumbaya sort of site. There are no sacred cows here, and last I checked, Steve Wynn is a public figure. If you want a site in which nobody picks on a public figure for their health issues, this is not the place.

Umm, I think it's pretty funny. Yes, it's so awful about his eye disorder -- but to me this has more to do with other forms of "blindness," not just loss of eyesight.

I am not seeking political correctness, nor have I any love for Steve Wynn - I just think we can rise above picking on his disease and leave the jokes to his personality, business dealings, political beliefs, etc. Otherwise the jokes, and jokesters, are the "adult" equivilent of the playgound bully picking on the kid in the wheelchair.

Take a look at the MGM corporate website...

This one goes off the rails into territory that I figured was usually off-limits, or at least handled with sensitivity. Steve lives a lot more of a public, paparazzi-prone life compared to Kerkorian or Adelson, but the press usually tip-toes when it comes to two things: his daughter's kidnapping around 20 years ago, and his eye condition.

Yeah, you can't really talk about Wynn aesthetics (especially in marketing) without a mention of his eye condition, but it's usually done with an amount of sympathy. And I don't think Misnomer isn't sympathetic, but you can't really tell from this.

It appears they've forgot the casino again...

Misnomer's point - as I interpreted it - is that the current website is virtually a Steve Wynn vision test. Misnomer's illustration puts the obvious out there clearly, plainly and bravely.

As one who very much sympathizes with SW's degenerating condition, I nonetheless thought Misnomer's irreverance was, as usual, hilarious as it was done in the context of SW's incredibly selfserving horrible redesign of his company's face to the world.
I've been a huge Wynn supporter in my attendance and bankroll since he opened his hotel. But this is poignant-funny....on several levels.

Not sure what folks are reading into this. It's a dick joke.

Very fair satire as the joke really picks on the website which is pathetic with the HUGE lettering on it. I don't see this as picking on Wynn himself and his eyesight disease (which is really sad since his vision has been important to Vegas).

Ok, are all his website designs being come up with first year graphic design students who have already failed their first test?

What Chuck said. That's what I got out of it... if you are a regular to this website, and you've been following our collective critique of the new Wynn website, how the hell could you interpret this any other way?

Wynn should use stock photos. his "old codger" look is definitely showing next to the "XS" nightclub billboard

I learned long ago to make sure to read who I am reading on Vegastripping.

Misnomer is by far the worst of the bunch. Very poor attempts at humor that is someone who stumbles onto this website will take as actual news and not satire or witty commentary

I obviously get the joke, and I get that Vegastripping does stuff like this often, but really its a low blow.

God I'd hate to be in Vegas w/ some of these dweebs. WTF? You pissed off at everything? Geezzus. Good job Misno-mer. Even if ya bald....;)

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