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TropWatch: Bagawhat?

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 8th March 2012 4:53pm
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Word on the street is that the Tropicana is on the verge of announcing that they have entered into a major partnership with The One Group, the folks behind STK restaurant at Cosmopolitan as well as other nightlife, dining and hospitality joints around the universe.

The deal is... Tropicana is going to sign over operational and naming rights to The One Group for the former Nikki Beach, Nikki Beach Cafe and Paradise Tower... all or most of which will be named.... drum roulez please.... Bagadonuts.... uh, I mean... Bagatelle!

Dr. Dave tells me now that he's procured an interview with one of the main dudes behind the deal and has a post queued up over at 2WayHard3. I'm confident that it will have a helluva lot more compelling information (and details) than this.

We all know what happened the last time Tropicana partnered with female targeted hospitality brand. Anybody wanna peg a month/year when this agreement goes kaput?

Oh and big huge thanks to @havefun69 for the Tweet tip.

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terrible name, this is even worse than when they named everything Nikki. Are all the 3 letter names taken?

Bagafooey? Bagabooey? Bagaganoush?

Considering the rip-roaring success the Trop has had with their entire dayclub/nightclub/restaurant concept, this will probably last through Labor Day at the longest. If this is still a going concern at the time of this year's VIMFP, it will be a damned miracle.

The Trop should just go ahead and admit defeat and stop trying to be what it isn't. The crowd they're trying to attract has much newer and hipper resorts to hangout at.

Bagatelle means "a thing of little importance."

Just like the Tropicana!

I get what everyone is saying, but the Trop has done a nice job on the cheap restoring that property to some relevance. Since the Stardust was imploded there has been a void of mid market nostalgic hotels. I have stayed since the redo and its a great value for the money. The casino is clean and modern with a nice south beach vibe. The have some more kinks to work out and they are trying to upgrade the food outlets and bars. Not to mention they have a fantastic location. Give it a chance.

@Dorian, I don't believe anyone here isn't willing to give Tropicana a chance. We are saying that they need to recognize that they are a mid-range property that should compete with Harrah's, Paris, Treasure Island, Ballys, Luxor, Monte Carlo, etc and try to attract the crowd that hangs at Cosmopoolitan, Bellagio, Wynn, Hard Rock, Palms, Mirage, Caesars, etc. There is lots of demand for a real solid mid-market hotel with great dining, good gaming odds and a kick ass pool that has a fun, upbeat party atmosphere without being a "dayclub". The thought that the pool and property can compete with Encore Beach Club, Wet Republic, etc is very misguided. So much potential at the trop if they could just realize and embrace what they are and the crowd that is attracted to them

To me, Paradise Tower is the interesting part of this. Having access to both the hotel revenue, and the headaches of running a vegas hotel, will be an interesting test for OneGroup/STK/Baggahooey.

The pool/nightclub will be what it is; maybe better service, or bigger name DJing here and there, but basically it will be what it's been since they rebuilt those spaces.

But one of these trendy dining/nightlife conglomerates actually trying there hand at being a Boutique Hotelier, to me, will be interesting to watch. I'm guessing this is similar to what Caesars will try and do with Nobu.

*all apologies for my use of the term 'boutique hotelier'

They shoulda just went balls to the wall with "The Trop is Back!" and captured the vast middle 'nostalgia' market instead of going douchetastic with the whole Nikki Beach business. Sometimes you gotta play to your strength even if it's boring and decidedly non-hip.

And they can't be seriously considering the name "Bagatelle" for a Tower at the Trop. Snap out of it, will ya? Think!!!

The reports of the Paradise Tower are incorrect.

+1 to what Donnymac said, well put.

@aknowles - so it is the Island tower? Hell you would know, you are the VP of Hotel Operations after all. How come you don't leak this stuff to us? Buddy, pal. (batts eyes)

Make that +2 in regards to Donnymac's comments.

Having stayed there since the renovations, but before Nikki Beach opened, it's a serviceable property in which to base yourself out of up. I ended up spending more time across the street at MGM because the vibe to me was better. To me, the casino seemed sterile compared to other Strip casinos (all that white makes it look as those they built a casino inside of a hospital. When I was there, they was a lot of work in progress going on, the Mob Experience was in previews, Nikki Beach was still under construction, they were in the process of redoing the landscaping out in front of the property (it looked like a hurricane had blown through).

The Trop should be marketing itself as the old school Vegas property that isn't part of some gaming megacorporation. To that end, ditch the resort fees and market themselves as an alternative to the hip and trendy resorts or the resorts whose rooms seem to look like they were inspired by a hotel chain....

The Island tower could make more since given it's location near the rear of the property. I think they recently started referring to this as the "Club Tower". AWFUL name. I wish they would reconsider it.

I wonder if Arik can give us any insight into the future of the remaining Garden rooms. There was talk about converting them into villas but I can't see that happening. Would be could if they could bring these back in some form. A nice room with a veranda would be a great addition to the Palms, I mean Tropicana.

+1 to vespajet's comment.

I think there are a lot of missed opportunities at the Trop. I agree that the way it's being marketed you would think that this was the hottest place on the strip. It isn't. It will probably never be. I agree that they should really embrace their history a bit more and focus less on the club aspect of it and more on the main hotel and restaurant aspects. The restaurant selection could be a lot better and more in line with some of the competition, more mid-range fair... maybe one "fine dining" establishment to really stand out but then some other offerings to round it off.

They really should do another phase of construction if funding ever allows. There are some things at the Trop that will never work the way that they are. Unless the ultimate goal is to just blow the whole place up anyway.

Bacio and Biscayne look really out of place in their current locations, and it reminds me of a fast food setup you'd see at an old K-mart or something.
Knock down the old garden rooms wing that runs adjacent to LVB. Relocate the steakhouse and Italian restaurant to be just south of the former Nikki cafe and just east of the theatre.
Create outdoor dining adjacent to the remaining hotel pool and gardens. Embrace the property and what's left of the pool and gardens.
South of that, add some permanent retail space leading to an expanded parking structure as well as new walkway to the convention space.
Tear out the circular escalator area that leads to the Island tower walkway. Replace it with a large two story tropical conservatory.

End of transmission. That is all.

SteveCovington, they have that already it's called The Mirage.

Well, it worked for them :)

Hey, that circular walkway was where I was approached for the first time in Vegas by a hooker. That makes it sacred ground for me and a story I should post here sometimes because it was so bizzare.

I think one of the most interesting things to me about the Trop that I noticed during my stay was that the demographic skewed much older then 30-40, 50-60 yr olds were the majority of what I saw on the property. To the point that seeing all the advertisements for the 20 something crowd looked really stupid. My stay happened around 6 months after the change and on a weekend in the spring, if you aren't making progress in changing your demographic after 6 months to skew even a little younger, how in the world do you think that more of the same (identical marketing, similar options being introduced) is going to get you to the coveted 22-35 yr old crowd?

I'll at least give the Riviera credit, from the changes they seem to be making, they at least are trying to differentiate themselves in the market.

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