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Tropicana Launches Holiday Deal. In March.

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 7th March 2012 11:36am
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Here's a weird piece of marketing, the Tropicana has sent out a holiday discount mailer - 3 nights for $99 (a great deal) - but only if you book... ummmmm eight months in advance?

Tropicana Holiday Kickstart

Golly, I remember the days when you didn't start seeing X-Mas decorations until Thanksgiving weekend. Then it crept into mid-november, then Halloween, then Labor Day. The first week of March is stretching it just a bit, no?

Beyond the timing, why would you want to lock in a rate for the softest time of year EIGHT MONTHS IN ADVANCE? From Thanksgiving to New Years, Vegas is a virtual ghost town with reduced hours in restaurants, big production shows going on hiatus and minimization on all hotel offerings across the board. Finding an incredible Vegas deal for the slow season is about as easy as obeying the law of gravity. Why, oh why would you give the Tropicana a one night deposit to hold for 8 months (which they will generate interest on) when you can probably walk in on the day you arrive and get a cheaper rate?


Big thanks to VT resident goofball Misnomer for the tip.

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Hmm, considering many PH execs moved over to the Trop after CET bought out PH. I know many may have left over the years, but this reminds me of the deals PH was doing during it's death throes. Buy 30 days worth of stays in January and use them throughout the year and things like that.

I dunno... $33/night on the Strip seems like a good deal to me if you're planning a winter vacation in Vegas. *shrug*

At least they're likely only making .05% APY on our deposits..

I got this also and wondered why the offer was available; it's not as if you can't get the same deal months from now. I have been in Vegas during this time and after the rodeo leaves town you can walk into any resturant in town and get a table without waiting.

Just in time for VIMFTD - Vegas Internet Mafia Family Thanksgiving Dinner! Pass the gravy, would you, BigHoss?

If you can lock in a really low rate that is cancelable, why not lock it in? If you get a better rate later, just cancel and re-book. I've done this before.

I've been in Vegas a few times at the tail end of the Rodeo. As Chuckmonster points out, lots of restaurants are closed. Or maybe offer limited service. But there are still plenty of places to eat. Unless you are ultra picky and really have your heart set on a place that will be closed, it's not a major problem.

Chuck, it's even worse. They charge you for the full amount of the stay when you book. I booked 6 nights (including Fri and Sat) at the $33/day which is a steal for a weekend on the strip. In the fine print on the booking page it says... "A first night deposit is required. Your credit card will be charged immediately." So i was expecting $33.00 charge. But no, I was charged the full six nights with tax... over $200. Called to question it and was told the promo fine print says... "Your card will be charged the full amount at the time of booking." That little nugget of info is only found on the splash page of the promo in the fine print there so beware. At least it is refundable.

ack.. in that case, forget it.

I guess I got used to booking casino rates/player club promotions that required no advance deposit. Not even for one night.

I can vouch on the closure/limited hours of restaurants in Vegas the tail end of the NFR, as I experienced this firsthand back in December. Two places I had made reservations for called me to inform me that they would be closed during that time period. One offered to recommend another restaurant on property (which I politely refused, as none of the other restaurants there piqued my interest) and the other moved my reservation to their sister restaurant (which I ended up bailing on because some other plans popped up at the last minute). Now several years ago, I was out there at the tail end of NFR and was staying Downtown and none of the places seemed to be affected since Fremont Street seems to draw a bigger crowd during NFR as a lot of those folks tend to stay Downtown.

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