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Steve Wynn Goes Nuclear Tipping

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 5th March 2012 3:18pm
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Steve Wynn is known for knowing exactly what it is his guest want before they know it. Thus, we are all vegans.

Steve Wynn has seen to it that Wynn Las Vegas has a channel in their TV lineup dedicated to playing one documentary, over and over and over and over and over again... The Nuclear Tipping Point Channel.

The movie purports to be a call to abolish nuclear weapons. All nuclear weapons should be abolished, and by "all" we mean weapons that are in the hands of people who don't know that nuclear weapons shouldn't be used, i.e. everybody but the U.S. backed military industrial complex. Any movie presented in concert with Henry Kissinger isn't about peacenik pacifism.

The question isn't about what your political views are, it is about whether or not you are willing to accept Wynn shilling his political views on the TV set in his hotels.

Big thanks to Robbie for the tip.

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Steve's lost his lentils.

^ But fortunately they can be recycled into a delicious vegan lentil Gardein burger for $38.97.

That it's right next to WYNN CONVENTION-2 makes me wonder if it's not running on behalf of some kind of meeting on property. Implying that Steve personally insisted it be put there is, at least for the moment, jumping to conclusions.

^ This channel has been going since Friday when I checked in....there may be some conventions on the weekends, but I haven't noticed any anti nuclear-proliferation conventions or anything remotely close to that in the building. It's probably with the convention channels simply because that is a group of "house" channels. It also seems like a very Steve Wynn thing to do - at least the most recent Steve Wynn that publicly drop-kicks board members that dare defy him, and rants about political views to analysts on quarterly conference calls.

^ That was meant to say the channel has been going since at least Friday when I checked in...who knows how long it's been going.

Why is Steve schilling an anti-nuke position if he is a Republican?

Jake, maybe anti-nuke should be read as anti-Iran in this case, ie: the Iran the Dems don't have the balls to do anything about (maybe in Stevzi's opinion). Although creating fear and global instability wouldn't seem to be the smart strategy for a company trying to drum up some profits based on discretionary income worldwide. So who knows?

meh - don't like, don't watch.
They have pay per view channels that show the same movie all day, and a lot of them have nekkid people in them.

nekkid people > nukes

^^ hoo-hoo > nukes

Wow that's..............something.............hunh


Steve Wynn is not a Republican.

In the conference call that everyone cites, Wynn explicitly states that he is a Democrat and he supported Harry Reid.

Just because Wynn does not support the Obama administration does not mean he is a Republican. There are some Democrats that don't believe in automatically supporting anything done by anyone with a "D" after their name.

Second, being a Republican does not mean one is "pro-nuke" or even a foreign policy hawk. Easy example; Ron Paul. And it isn't as if the Democrats are a party of peaceniks (read some Glenn Greenwald for more on this).

Putting politics aside, Wynn is hardly "shilling" here. If you don't like the documentary, don't watch it.

I remember watching this late at night over sliders and sweet potato fries in mid-2010. It's definitely been on there for awhile.

@StudiodeKadent; I've been on a conference call or two, and can tell you, you're wrong. Not only that, here's a quick bite for a database of political donors. Google it, you'll get plenty of responses to refute your claim.


Regardelss of his political affiliation, I think the guy is truly going Kookoo for Cocoa Puffs; If I were the public face of *any* multi-billion dollar, publically traded entity, offering a commoditized product (Which gaming has become), I'd be trying to steer that ship as centrally as possible. Take it from a marketing director at a Fortune-10 company (which also provides a commoditized service); aim for neutrality and vanilla humor. It's lame, it's boring, it sucks, but it grows market share.

Someone needs to tell the big Steve that ranting, regardless of your beliefs, alienates anyone except people with identical beliefs. You wanna see more impsct of it? Let him pipe up a few more times publically; especially if he mentions specific people, parties, or events. They'll flee.

Couple of things. The movie includes Republicans *and* Democrats who are working toward a world without nuclear weapons and outlines the difficult steps to get there. The effort does include the United States in that goal. See for yourself -- click on chuckmonster's link to the movie, chow down on your sliders and sweet potato fries and watch the show.


First, I agree with you that large amounts of political advocacy by people in charge of large companies is indeed alienating. But here's the transcript of the call:

"Everybody's afraid of the government, and there's no need soft peddling it, it's the truth. It is the truth. And that's true of Democratic businessmen and Republican businessmen, and I am a Democratic businessman and I support Harry Reid."

Sources: http://seekingalpha.com/article/279999-wynn-resorts-ceo-discusses-q2-2011-results-earnings-call-transcript?part=qanda
and: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0711/59333.html

Do you want to accuse Steve Wynn of insincerity during his rant on Obama?

I'm not getting drawn into a political debate; seriously. That's not the point of the board, nor my intent of the post. I leave that stuff for other forums. Here, I want to talk about drinking, gambling, tourism, and crap in the never-never land that is Las Vegas.

My statement is he's goig to shoot himself in the foot. Both for political favors, tourism dollars, and people's impression of him and his company. He's gotta watch his ass. This rolls into analysts viewpoints of the stability of his company (Google that, too. It's already happening.)

That means lower ratings in credit circles. Crappier interest rates. Less favors from people who may have helped in the past.

Opening his mouth in public places (also locations for his rants) and/or phone calls will affect him in the wallet.


I agree with your point; Wynn's statements can indeed alienate some potential customers and thus I agree they may be bad PR (then again, they may attract other customers).

That said, political statements by business owners aren't anything new. Adelson's donations to Gingrich are one matter, and Stanley Ho's statements to Macanese that "we must unite aginst foreign capital" are another.

Not that I'm disputing your point; these actions by Ho and Adelson (and Wynn) are indeed potentially bad PR. I'm simply saying they aren't unprecedented.

But yes, I concede, these statements may indeed alienate customers.

Doesn't Steve know that Superman already put all the nukes into a big ball and flew them into the sun?

I thought "Nuclear Tipping" was going to be like Kerry Packer buying some craps dealer a house.

We've just about hit the point in the Steve Show that he goes completely bonkers, Wall St analysts recognize it, the stock tanks, and Kirk Kerkorian institutes a hostile takeover. Except this time the whole China pot o' gold thing is so enticing that no one seems to mind that a madman is running the business.

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