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NOS Sahara Souvenirs

By Misnomer on Friday, 17th February 2012 12:48pm
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If you're anything like me, you've kicked yourself a number of times for having missed the big post-closure garage sale at Sahara. Sometimes I lay awake at night, filled with regret, wondering if I'd be happier had I just braved the crowds and the unairconditioned desert heat and purchased a preloved Posturepedic from the iconic Las Vegas hotel. I try to banish the thought by reminding myself that my existing marital bed is functional, and ostensibly cleaner, containing only trace DNA from my wife and me, and possibly my neighbor Gino.

Still, I stare at the ceiling, wishing I owned a Sahara slot stool. Pining for a backward "S" door handle. Cursing the darkness that could so easily be vanquished by a Moroccan wall sconce. And then, from the depths of my despair comes a glimmering recollection.

"Yes!" I exclaim into the night, an utterance so rarely heard within my bedroom walls. "I do have a Sahara souvenir! And I know where to get more! They are cheap! And abundant!"

And I race down the stairs to my computer and I begin typing this memorandum, lest I ever forget again: The Hudson News stores at McCarran airport have stacks upon stacks of brand new Sahara post cards, .59 cents each.


Sahara Hotel Postcard


Sahara Hotel Postcard

Buy some. Send some to your friends. Send some to Sam. Send some to my neighbor Gino.

Come now, sweet slumber. Bring your fanciful dreams of boutique hotels, until the morning light awakens me once again.

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Misnomer...Kudos and three rounds of huzzahs! Really good stuff here, I rarely laugh out-loud anymore but ya got me here. PS: I like Hyde. All the best to you and yours (minus Gino) in all future endeavors. Peace.

^^ Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I appreciate the kind words. Best to you and yours as well!

Another gem Misnomer

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