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Cosmopolitan's Bohemian Rhapsody Advertisement

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 15th February 2012 4:50pm
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Some of you may have seen the Cosmopolitan's new television advertisement, a silly take on Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" that debuted during the Grammy's telecast on Sunday evening.

For those who haven't, here it is:

Ok. Ironic. Droll. Bohemians. Hipsters. I get it. But really, ripping off the opening scene from Wayne's World? right down to the head banging breakdown?


Grade: C-

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Comments & Discussion:

very lame!
Did not motivate me to book a room or even visit this place.

still less annoying than their last commercial.

I can only imagine what restrictions the ad guys must be under to make an ad that doesn't say anything about the property. No mention of the casino. Totally lame to not even film it at the Cosmo which has such a beautiful pool area.

I get the interesting, but why the hell can't they just shoot an advertisement on property? There are SOOOO many places they could use to their advantage. But no. Nope, lets film it on a refinery deck in Paramus, NJ.

Just as with anything else, stop taking the Vegas out of your commercials. Oh and maybe come up with something more interesting, as you've yet to top the first commercial, and that was only because of the bunnies and other assorted white fuzzy things.

And I wasn't talking about elderly Vagin A.

There seems to be no limit to the patience of Deutsche Bank. Personally, if it was my $4 billion on the line and I was losing $58 million per quarter, I'd put an end to the practice of never showing the property in advertising and never mentioning the casino in social media. I think I'd also be cutting ties with the aloof, absentee CEO who seems more interested in telling the world about fly fishing, the sunsets of Southern California, and burgundy wine than he is about his own resort IN LAS VEGAS. It's maddening.

It's remarkable how much The Cosmopolitan resembles its target clientele: Hip, super cool, flat broke, and subsisting largely on credit.

But what do I care? Ain't my money.

If the point of the commercial is to mak eme think about Cosmo then it doesnt really tell me anything other than the pool is where they shoot Glee. Pimp the casino and the food options and people may wander in just to see how cool the inside of Cosmo is otherwise it comes off as another hotel in a city full of them.

This ad puts me OFF Cosmo.

And I actually liked their ads.

Truly, truly terrible

Even I want to beat up that guy. What happened to their sex appeal? And does Cosmo really look like a Palm Springs Ramada with a fancy pool?

This gets a D- from me, and I enjoyed their earlier stuff.


I have been in a full scale argument with a few of my friends who WORK at The Cosmo about how this WAS NOT filmed at Cosmo. They keep trying to tell me that it is the bamboo pool, but I have both had drinks at that bar and stayed in a Lanai suite.

The shot of the balconies is all wrong too, the railings are wrong, and the balconies at Cosmo are continuous, in the video they are not. That's a whole different property in the background there, looks nothing like the anything anywhere in the Cosmo.

I will give them that the bar lighting, wallpaper and some of the pool amenities like lights/umbrellas/seating look similar, and some shots may have been done on property, but the majority WAS NOT.

Again, these are people who work there and regularly utilize the entire resort. It's kind of embarrassing, if you ask me (and not to mention a terrible commercial).

I liked the ad, thought it was neat, and showed a personality that made me want to stay at Cosmo. However, learning now that the ad was not actually filmed at Cosmo is an epic fail in my opinion.

It does appear, they did keep the right amount of double dong highlighted in the vidoe if you look at the pattern behind the bar.

The pool deck Is the Palazzo Versace Gold Coast. Nothing was filmed on property. The bar and backsplash were replicated http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZzhtS19nYo

Why wouldn't you shoot this at the amazing BLVD pool you have on property? Plus they still haven't acknowledged the fact that they even have a casino, can Deutsche Bank hire me?

It's become as though the casino is an afterthought in these commercials and the lagging gaming revenues seem to support that.

At first, the commercials were clever and creative as they were trying to establish a vibe and a buzz before the property opened. At this point, a little more than 14 months after opening, they're still trying to mine that vein and it's just about played out.

I think they've done a better job with magazine ad placement than they have with their TV ads. I know they've been putting ads in the inflight magazines of a number of US airlines, which is a good place to do so (MGM Resorts as well as the Stratosphere has been doing the same as well.).

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