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Vacancy Begins With A V

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 15th February 2012 1:23pm
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Vdara has rolled out a new advertising slogan... "{something clever} begins with a V."


Vacant vacation time share begins with a V.

Very bad idea begins with a V.

Vague purpose begins with a V.

Vagrant conventioneers begins with a V.

Video Poker lack begins with a V.

Vaporized pool side begins with a V.

Valet parking close to Aria's hotel elevators begins with a V.

Vanquished competition begins with a V.

Variations in service attention begins with a V.

Veer begins with a V.

Veneer furniture begins with a V.

Victimized by housekeeping begins with a V.

VIP free begins with a V.

Virus tainted water supply begins with a....

Thanks to VT super villain Big Hoss for sharing this vivacious catchphrase with us

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Comments & Discussion:

"Commitment now begins with a 'V'"??

"Vommitment"? Sounds like something I once left on the carpet at Flamingo.

I guess to be fair one should note that it really starts with "VD" in Vdara's case,

Why can't they forward the offer to residents of Utah or Michigan???

residents under 21 suggests liquor laws

The forwarding to those under 21 is a separate thing than the Utah & Michigan thing. It's more along the lines of those states has some strict email laws and the content of emails that may be accessed by minors:


That's why I left Michigan. I didn't want to miss Vdara offers.

I'm not in love with that lady's toe cleavage.

VT is always getting down on Vdara but I happen to love this Hotel. Is it perfect? No. But I love the non gaming environment to retreat to after throwing dice a Aria. Smoke free is enough for me to love this place.

What does Vdara have against Utah?

I have to admit that I think Vdara has its pros.... same tech as Aria, frequently lower prices, location between my two fave casinos in LV... and I need my quiet serenity from time to time as well.

That said, it clearly isn't a place for everyone.

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