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M Life Launches New Website

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 14th February 2012 9:55pm
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Before you Hear About It Later, M Life has Unchained a brand new website - an Eruption of shiny stuff. They even put Van Halen in their rotation in the hopes that I won't Light Up The Sky with roaring invective, Blood and Fire.

Check it:

In terms of comparative effort, the M life site - On Fire from Top Jimmy to Bottoms Up with Beautiful Girls - makes the horrific Wynn effort look like it was built by Fools.

The early word from the VT peanut gallery on The Twitterator is that the stuff that really matters - accessing, studying and redeeming points and credits - is still D.O.A., As Is. I'll Wait till they fix it. I have a hunch It's Gonna Take A Lot Of Drugs.

Somebody get me a doctor!

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Comments & Discussion:

Neato. Now we can search all properties simultaneously. However, the key feature that's still missing (that Total Rewards has...besides a new logo) is the fact I can search casino rates for players for all properties at the same time. I still can't do that on mlife. I'd imagine most people that go to mlife are players not first time guests so give us our casino rates without having to click a million buttons.

Wow. Much, much, much improved. As someone who compulsively checks his offers, I can saw the old site was a huge pain, but I am loving the new one.

They FINALLY got my points to display correctly, then they redesign the site and I'm back a zero again. Jesus....


Will they send you an Ice Cream Man as well? Perhaps someone to give you a Tatoo, or maybe something to Dance The Night Away to?

I can't see my confirmation numbers or trip details or my tier status... :(

A step in the right direction, for sure. One of the most-appreciated improvements for me is the fact that I can now press Enter after typing my password and it logs me in; I don't have to click the "Sign in" button. Sometimes, it's the little things.

My tier credits are stuck at 0; yet the MLife card image at top right shows a Pearl card, which is correct.

As others have said, they still need an integrated offers/room booking feature, where I could put it a range of dates and see all my offers across all properties. The "Book a Room" feature on this new site is pretty useless, as (1) it doesn't seem to integrate my available offers; and (2) it gives me results across ALL MGM properties, nationwide.

Most people aren't likely looking at Vegas and Tunica and Detroit and Biloxi on the same dates.

Once, I asked Mlife III times, "How many points do I have? How Many Say I?" Very few, because I'm a video poker player, and Mlife tells VP players, "We'll do Without You, thanks."

From my first impressions, they dressed up the old gal, but I don't see much in improvements with it yet. Absolutely amazing to me at how long it takes MGM to get their database together and start extracting value on it. I'm not saying it needs to be total rewards, but I will say that Total Rewards is still miles ahead of them when it comes to functionality.

Some improvements, but some still needed.

i like that you can search all hotels at once instead of individually.

I haven't been able to get on the new website yet-all I get is a "temporarily down" message.

Stevie, go to the base URL (www.mlife.com) and try that. I had an old URL bookmarked and it kept giving me that message no matter what I clicked on after reaching that page. Base worked for me.

That said, WTF is up with their servers? Perhaps if they put it on something slightly faster than the 14.4k modem it seems to be on, things might work better. Searching all the hotels is fairly worthless when all the offers suck. Thought being Gold was supposed to be a step up...right now not one comp night available anywhere except Biloxi for me? Really?

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