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Book of Mormon Coming To Palazzo

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 14th February 2012 9:29pm
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Five Hundy hinted recently that Book of Mormon - the crackpot musical from guys who brought you Baseketball, Team America and South Park - was coming to Palazzo.

Well, we've gotten word confirming this from a second tipster.

I find the South Park guys incredibly funny, but I don't have enough interest in Mormons (or any religion for that matter) to warrant going to see this.

I do find this interesting in light of Las Vegas Sands Corp CEO Sheldon Adelson shoveling millions upon millions of dollars into Newt Gingrich's SuperPAC coffers in the hopes of knocking Mitt Romney (a Mormon) out of the race for the Republican nomination for President.

Anyways... the Venetian/Palazzo's experiment with Broadway continues...

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Comments & Discussion:

The word on this show is that it's insanely funny... though if you don't like musicals at all, you probably wouldn't dig.

Personally, I'd love to see it.

It's a really funny show. It's about religion but in a funny way...sort of making fun of it. Your comment about not being interested in Mormons shouldn't matter. That's like saying you hate airplanes so you have no interest in seeing the movie Airplane from the 1980s.

Proof: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHEqCXY2B-w
Gotta listen to the whole thing...

Insanely funny isn't strong enough. It is that good and this is a big deal. People will fly to Vegas to see this show.

Wouldn't the idea of a Mormon Parody moving to a Mormon area like Nevada. E a more interesting social comment on this news?

Ah, a reson to go inside Palazzo.

I've memorized the score and can't wait to see this. I only hope Trey and Matt don't bend and cut this show down to 90 minutes. hasa diga eebowai

Yeah that's my concern too. I would love to see Book of Mormon - don't care if it's not the New York cast. But if they lop off 30 minutes of it that would be a huge disappointment.

I can't wait. This is fantastic news. I'd make a special trip just to see Book Of Mormon.

Damnit and here I was waiting for Orgasmo! to open.

I predict maybe a 2 year run at most before they bolt for....lets say....City Center.

As a HUGE fan of South Park, I'd go see this.

Apparently, it is a hilarious show.

That said, I personally disagree with Matt & Trey's argument that religion is the 'noble lie' (i.e. that its false but makes people good). I'm an atheist and I don't think religion makes people good. That said, this is a sensitive topic and I can understand why people would have a wide variety of perspectives, including many that differ from mine.

But even so, I'd probably go see it.

Sheldon is all about the Benji's. I doubt Mitt Romney's Mormonism ever crossed his mind.

Sounds like fun! I'll go and see it.

I'm happy that it found a venue and I hope it succeeds. After Avenue Q, I was curious to see whether the strip would bring in a show like this again.

this show was/is amazing. i saw it in previews last year.
and considering how hard it is to get tix in NYC for this, i'd wager good money that people will welcome the chance to see it in another comparable-sized production.
sucks that it's at one of adelson's joints though...i hate giving him my money.
also, just a side-note...the mormon's love this play. because it doesn't HAVE to make fun of them...they're funny enough to the rest of us on their own.

I'd totally go see it, maybe say with the in-laws, except for the fact that I've vowed never to give Adelson another dime if I can help it (see above). Voting with my BR, and other entertainment $.

I would absolutely go see this.

Well we now know what's going to replace Jersey Boys. I guess now we just wait to see if the rumors of Rock Of Ages replacing Blue Man Group at the Venetian pan out.

Matt and Trey have long skewered the Mormons, not just on South Park, but in some of their other works (Like Orgazom, in which Trey plays Joe Young, a Mormon missionary that ends up starring in a porno.).

Has there been an update on this happening or not? I feel like right now the Ven-lazzo has no real show to see now that Phantom is gone.

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