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Mirage Ups Resort Fee To $25!

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 14th February 2012 8:27pm
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The Mirage has done you the favor of increasing their daily resort fee to $25 per night, a negative savings of $2.50 per day in your pocket.


Resort Fee
The resort fee includes the following hotel services:
- Complimentary internet access (in room)
- Cardio Center access
- Daily newspapers
- Robes in your room
- Complimentary notary service at the Business Center
- Complimentary printing of boarding passes
- Complimentary faxes
- Unlimited local and toll-free calls

Next time I stay at Mirage, I'm sending 10 faxes to the first 100 people who respond to this thread.

Big thanks to VT reader dulac55 for the tip!

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Comments & Discussion:

Geez dumbest fee ever.

1. Most people have 3g/4g phones. Who cares about internet.
2. Cardio...dont go to Vegas to exercise.
3. Daily Newspaper..WTF is a newspaper. Last time I read one was in the 20th Century.
4. Robes...who cares rather be naked with my significant other.
5. Notary Service..wtf
6. Boarding passes? Free at airport
7. Faxes...last time was 20th Century.
8. Unlimited Calls..have that on my cell.

All in all a total waste of 25 bucks for services that have no value.

I think Netflix tried something like that, don't these dumbass exec's learn anything! Listen up MGM, I WAS a Netflix customer!

Complementary faxes? Where's the complementary Pepsi Clear?

There are random moments I need a fax machine. If I could just have them all sent to The Mirage, who would then email me, I might consider this a good value.

Good job mirage... you're just as bad as Ticketmaster. Someone who is staying for 4 nights ( liked I planned on doing in June) would have to pay extra 100 bucks ??? i'll stay at a Caesars property. Thanks MGM.

Do I get to keep the robe? And if so do I get a new one every day to justify the $25 that I could be using at the casino or one of the resturants in the hotel? Hell, I work at a hospital and we never use the fax machine.

If I wanted to waste extra money, i'll go to The Glitter Glutch, or better yet go see Criss Angel.

Oooh someone said Crystal Pepsi.

Wow....this is a really poorly thought out idea.

Damn, and I like the Mirage..but even if their rates skid to $39 a night, you tack that $25 on to the total, and their are better deals across the street..

Anyone who flies at all knows that a boarding pass can be had with a couple of mouse clicks at any major airport...since I'm in Vegas by myself, a robe is nice..but I may not notice it..I will read a newspaper but I can buy one of those at the ABC Store across from the Monte Carlo..I might use a fax at work..maybe five times a year..

Guess this is how MGM is going to make up for all the cash poured down the Black Hole known as CityCenter..

After reading this article I just checked NYNY and the resort fee is now $18 vs the $15 when I was out there last year. And these assholes (MGM as whole, not just Mirage) don't even throw in the "two welcome cocktails" like they used to. That was about the only thing I ever used out of these bullshit "amenities".

Free bottles of water used to be included with the resort fee. Raise the price and eliminate some of the "services". Thank you, Mirage.
Maybe I will take Casino Royale up on those free rooms for the next trip, after all.

considering Monte Carlo recently went back to the model of pay the resort fee even with a comped room, I have to wonder if Mirage is doing the same thing.

Nothing says complimentary like a bs charge per night with no value.

At least the in room internet access is wifi (albeit slow and more cost friendly for them to open it up anyway then to secure it). At Excal, MC, and Luxor it's all hardwired access, really useful for today's portable technology.

Okay, what am I going to do if I don't like this? Stay at a nearby Caesars property? LOL.

Coming Soon -- $1 room rates (fine print reads mandatory $125 resort fee)

honestly, i'm one of the types who will use the internet. i bring my ipad everywhere, and i'd prefer falling asleep to an episode of Archer on Netflix than trying to find something on one of the 5 channels they give you in Vegas.
also, i'll actually use the cardio room, since i'm up at the crack of dawn due to the time difference from the east coast.
boarding passes are not free at the airport anymore on Spirit Air (they're $5), and since Spirit is a major air-greyhound to Vegas, this is actually convenient.
also, as someone who works for the local government in NYC, i can say you never know when you might need a fax or notary...i mean, on my last trip to vegas my idiot friend got my car towed and i needed to both fax and notorize documents for him to get it out of the pound.
i can't speak for the rest of you, but honestly, for me, these resort fees are a bit like an insurance policy.
and, not for nothing, but when i last stayed at a caesars property, i had to be on my toes to not accidentally do something that would result in an accidental charge to my account. it's sometimes easier to just pay the fee for peace of mind, rather than get nickel and dimed for a week.

How can they call these things “complimentary” if you just paid for them?

How about a 6 pack of genuine Dublin Dr Pepper? If they can find some cases of those, they will easily be worth $25/night.

This is precisely why I stayed at Cosmo on my last trip... what I booked my room for is what I payed. At least they respect me enough not to attempt to trick me into paying more. Before you know it, the "resort fee" will be $150 and the room will be $25. This is all just an attempt to game 3rd party booking sites, and make their properties appear cheaper to unsuspecting tourists. It's especially inconvenient when you are trying to split the cost of a room and you have to explain to your friends that the room actually costs $25 more a night than quoted. I hope Nevada moves to restrict this practice.

The Southwest Air app has kinda made the boarding pass printing thing obsolete too.

The future of resort fees: $60 covers all of the above, plus the following great amenities!

$5 room key service (includes up to two FREE room keys)
$15 sheets on bed
$2.50 per washcloth (limit two per room per stay)
$7.50 blowdryer (includes unlimited electrical power)
$2.50 in-room checkout (via TV or phone, your choice!)

The resort fee saves me money; the wife and I enjoy use the fitness center each morning as part of our normal routine. Plus I prefer to use my ipad for emailing and interneting than my iphone.

But the Mirage has some disadvantages...
Cardio room is not a complete fitness center; you pay more $ to use weights and other complete fitness center items.

Paper is the USA Today only. They will NOT give you a local paper even when USA Today has NO weekend issue.

Thus I do not see staying at the Mirage again anytime soon.

Checked both MGM and Bellagio today and both of them now have resort fees of $25. So with tax you are now paying an extra $28 per night.

Downtown is looking better and better. Few places have the resort fee (including the Nugget), none of this extra charge for two beds crap, etc.......

Mandalay Bay is also charging $25. It appears every MGM property raised their fee to some degree. Very discouraging.

Are the resort fees exempt from earning MLife points, or do they actually count?

Count me out. I've enjoyed staying at Mirage and MGM Grand, even Luxor and Excalibur back when they were new, but this is getting to be too much. I'm staying at Golden Nugget's new Rush Tower for $79/night in April, no resort fee. Can't beat that.

Still doesn't convince me to stay at Flamingo instead of Monte Carlo or Paris instead of NYNY or Planet Hollywood instead of Mandalay Bay. MGM may charge slightly more for their properties but at least the reinvest in them. WIth the exception of Caesars and maybe Planet Hollywood (and that's debatable) the Caesars properties are just being run into the ground, from all reports the FAB rooms at flamingo were just laminite floors, paint and maybe new bed sheets. And why does everyone make it seem like resort fees are strictly a Vegas thing?? I have seen them for properties in Palm Springs, San Diego, British Columbia and NYC just to name a few. You all have a choice to make as to where you stay and if you don't like resort fees don't stay there. I don't like douchebags so I will not stay at Palms or Hard Rock. Everyone acts like it is a personal slight but you have a choice, so make whatever choice you are comfortable with. Consumers need to be educated and do the math as well on the weekend of March 9 for a 5 night stay through hotels.com Paris is $31 a night more than Wynn and $26 a night more than Aria, I know that's not always the case but to dismiss the resort fee hotels completely is fairly short sighted.

@hail2skins I do not believe the Nugget has a resort fee. I believe the Gold Spike is the only downtown property with a resort fee.

fax me!

If they served Crystal Pepsi at the Mirage I would stay there but I am content looking at the free Volcano show and eating at BLT Burger.

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