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How To: Diamond In A Day

By Blackjacker1979 on Thursday, 9th February 2012 3:50pm
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Caesars Total Rewards Diamond In A Day

With all the focus on MLife and the way it and Identity have been changing the way that the players clubs operate in Vegas today, the conversation around the VegasTripping drink table more often than not has come back to the perks that are being offered to players and how they vary from property to property. More than once the conversation has come back to the seemingly mythical Diamond in a Day promotion that gets you from Gold to Diamond level in Total Rewards with a set amount of play in a day. With different input, the facts seemed mysterious at times and often vague, and the question of whether that promotion is even available anymore was hit or miss at best. Until yesterday that is when yours truly accomplished the feat.

Was it difficult? No. The rules are quite simple in fact.

1. You must be Gold (no renewals)

2. You must earn 3000 base credits in one "day" - a 24 hour period between 5:00 AM and 4:59AM.

3. All base credits must be earned at ONE property.

Satisfy all of these conditions and you will claim Diamond status for less than a third of the 11,000 base credits normally required.

Is it easy and worth it? That is where your mileage may vary. The perks are good of course, with Diamond lounge access and other priority privileges. The play required? That is where you have to pad yourself and be ready. For me, it was $2 Video Poker and a max bet for a $10 dollar per hand total. That gave me one base credit per hand played. Grand total spent from 0 to 3001 credits? 4 hours and one very numb ass.

All in all, Diamond In A Day is an excellent promotion and a way for a new or lower level player to jump into the upper tier of Total Rewards for a substantial savings. If you're looking to move on up to Diamond, take the shortcut!

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Comments & Discussion:

I want to throw in a few more Diamond in a Day nuggets:

1) Check with the particular casino to verify what a "casino day" is. Las Vegas, Reno, Tahoe, etc. are not the same.

2) If you are doing video poker, go for the best odds. Currently, that's at Harrah's Rincon (9/6) in between San Diego & Los Angeles.

3) If you Diamond in a Day in a casino that isn't your "home" property they may not issue you a card...forcing you to go to your home property to get your card. Your home property is the casino that sends you special offers the most...email Total Rewards to find out your home property.

4) Your Diamond status will expire in March of the following year unless you become Diamond in a Day in December. In that case, you have a year from March (which is the best value). If you qualify for Diamond the hard way, you have the entire following year up into the following March. For example, it's 2/2012 now...Diamond in a Day will expire 3/2013 but the hardway will be 2/2014.

5) The Total Rewards desk at Caesars Las Vegas is the easiest (IMO) place to redeem your Diamond in a Day. Some Harrah's places pretend to know even know what it is.

Good luck!

Interesting. I followed your endeavor on Twitter. But I didn't know about the 3,000-point deal. I thought you were racking up 11,000 and wondered how in the hell you had the patience for that. Keep us posted on what kind of deals you get.

I tried this at the Rio about 10 years ago by playing roulette, craps, and other assorted table games. I played for about 6 hours total at $25 base level bets and failed to make it. I think switching tables too often worked against me. I have been told by dealers the easiest way is to go to a hi-limit room and you only need play a few hands of $1000 blackjack. Obviously, this is risky but you can get a card in less than a half-hour.

I had no problems getting the information about DIAD from both the Total Rewards desks at Paris and PHo. Both people were spectacularly cool and encouraging. Made it a bit more interesting.

News you can use! This is an excellent promo that I had no idea existed. If I ever hit another RF, I'll be sorely tempted to dig in and go for the gusto.

Congrats, I'm definitely looking forward to giving it a try on the next trip. If I could ask, how much did you prepare to lose for it, or were willing to lose on it?

Real good info. on the desks at Paris and PHo having the information, so many times it seems that I've read varying reports that they don't have much on it.

I'm kind of pissed at myself, as I hit 2400 pts in a session last trip at Harrahs and for some reason though DIAD was 4k rather then 3, I guess the saving grace is that it would have expired in March anyway, since it was in November.

How much did it costs? Hmmmmmmm....

$10 x 3001 pulls = $30010
How much did player win?
80% - It costs $6002
90% - It costs $3001
95% - It costs $1501
98% - It costs $601
and 1 very numb ass...

Thanks for working out the stats IndyJeff. I fell into the 90% to 95% category, although I was prepared for around 85%.

My friends and I have been game-planning this recently, so this is timely information. Wish we had known that December carried over for the full year - we would have definitely pushed on to 3000 on our last trip.

In Vegas, Caesars has three $5 9/6 machines in one of their high-limit areas (just past the old casino floor, small circular section, close to the Total Rewards booth). If you bet $5 a hand, with basic strategy you are looking at ~98% house edge...if you jump to $25 a hand, the Royal Flush bonus takes the oddes to 99.5%.

So, yeah, it actually becomes a pretty cheap expectation to DIAD, as long as you have the bankroll to weather the storm (for reference, I earned ~700 points in about 3 hours playing a slow-paced $5 a hand...and while I broke even, my fluctuations were as high as up-$210, down-$280.)

There's a few $5 9/6 JOB machines in the High Limit area of the RIO, if you're looking for the best potential return on DIAD

You can Diamond & Platinum in a day...Cosmopolitan matches player status from other casinos.

Just contacted Ceasars corprate office and had them confirm my suspicions that DIAD has increased to 5,000 tier credits in a day. Tier bonuses do not count toward the 5,000 either. It seems that it might be easier to make Diamond with 15,000 tier credits through their tier bonus program after a few days of play than this rather insurmountable task.

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