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Wynn: The New Casino Button

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 7th February 2012 3:23pm
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In response to public outcry, the brain trust at Wynn Resorts has added a "Casino" button to their website. See.

Right now, all over the world, ten thousand information architects simultaneously committed suicide.


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Did you click the link? No lush photos or anything, just credit forms, win/loss, and other necessary links available in bullet point form.

It's the ultimate "oh, SHIT" band-aid reaction.


See Our Casino Information Below.

For information on the Red Card program and to log into your Red Card Online Account, click here

Win/Loss and W-2G statements are immediately available and may be conveniently printed by logging into your Red Card Online account. If you don’t already have a Red Card Online account, you can establish one by clicking here

For a credit application for Wynn Las Vegas or Encore Las Vegas, click here

To access a manual W-2G request form click here

To access a manual Win/Loss request form, click here

Nice bright blue links too

Still a shitshow.

Sites still have guest books?!

This website is utterly horrible. I cannot believe it's a product that Wynn Resorts has put out. I think Casino Royale has a better and more informative website. It's really a shame but I think it is a reflection of many of the recent changes to the two Las Vegas properties. I'll give them credit that they did a nice job with the new Tower Suites lobby and the High Limit Slots, but this is terrible.

It's still striking how inelegant it all looks.

....and it still won't work with an iPhone.

wynn macau's website remain unchanged!!!!!!

Absolutely shockingly bad and awful. It looks like someone accidentally posted the wireframe.

Pathetic. "See Our Casino Information Below." There is no casino information, just Win/Loss and W2G facts. Compare that to Bellagio's site which recognizes the importance of slots. Tournaments, special events, hosts, etc.
Bellagio's slot director is even on Twitter @BellagioSlots
Are slots too plebian for Steve Wynn?

What's the over/under on how many days before the awful-in-its-own-way-but-at-least-it's-pretty old site returns?

Perhaps the short shrift paid to the casino on the website is the ultimate reflection of how Wynn's focus has shifted from the gamblers to the clubbers?

As Wynn's sight worsens, extra buttons will be added until the website is fully operational.

i love looking at the menus at their restaurants. i hate that they reduced it to "menu highlights"

Wow....I still can't believe this pathetic and terrible website is the "official" site of Wynn Las Vegas...

I really hope they decide to make a new website soon....:( What a waste of a brand....

Design a website like that, and get a free bowl of soup.

CBB, actually, with way too much effort, one can access the full restaurant menus on this abomination of a website.
Go to restaurants, click fine or casual dining; select a restaurant, click on menu highlights, click on book a table, then click on menu.....simple huh?

So this all Wynn can offer as a web page?

"click on book a table, then click on menu" That makes no sense. I might book a table AFTER I saw the menu, not before.
Just to be clear...the website seems to be focusing on older visually impaired crowd, while the casino is pushing the d-bag element. There seems to be a clear lack of vision

Resort map is back, under RESOURT TOURS.

Restaurant menus are now clickable in the Menu Highlights page for that restaurant.

Finally, after 6 years, I'm finding the surprises.

...and it FINALLY works with an iPhone. Well, kinda. My guess is that it is optimzed for a different mobile device. Like a JitterBug.

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