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Wynn Tower Not So Sweets

By MikeE on Wednesday, 1st February 2012 11:08am
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Whether it was a big fight weekend or the week leading up to Christmas, if either Wynn or Encore had a Tower Suite available, you could expect it to cost a modest $90 more per night over their standard offerings. And that, dare I say, was a good value for the benefits of which I’ve exhausted numerous times.

But last month, I noticed a huge disparity in the cost of these rooms over regular accommodations. Sure, they were now offering extra freebies like in-room breakfast at Encore or Tower Suite Café and high tea freebies at Wynn. But that still didn’t justify the $400 midweek and $600 weekend rates throughout much of the year. I figured that maybe they were doing a little experimenting with the prices. After all, even if they were to lose a good chunk of their non-casino customer base doing this, they’d still more than make up for it in room costs alone. It’s not the first time they’ve shifted prices dramatically and I figured I’d let a month pass to see how things would change (and hopefully back to what they once were).

That month has passed and no amount of emoticons can express my sadness.

I used to stay at Wynncore Tower Suites for $229 at the lowest and, far less frequently, $349 on a weekend when a tarnished hag like Bellagio was charging around the same neighborhood.

It seems that beyond a special occasion of a trip, I’m priced out just at a time when M Life is recognizing hotel spend, giving 25 tier credits per dollar, and building up my status to a point where I might experience the personal level of service once afforded to me by the Tower Suites... at half the properties on the strip.

There couldn’t be a more opportune time to switch sides.

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I agree. Other than a very special occasion or event, Wynn & Encore are no longer practical for a ordinary trip. Bellagio offers a similar level of service for their suites, complete with a private check in area and other perks similar to Wynncore. As recently as October, you could score a two-bedroom Penthouse suite at Bellagio (that included transportation & a $100 spa or casino credit) for $699.

There's a reason I've been enjoying Aria as of late. It just makes more sense from all standpoints.

I think I'm going through a mid-life crisis regarding players club. I'm a Total Rewards junkie and work hard for and love my Diamond status. I have no problem being loyal to a property group but expect the property to reciprocate. After years of loyalty, I'm tempted to change.

I do wish Platinum mlife had some of the sexy features features that Diamond Total Rewards has -- special Diamond check in, free monthly show tickets, guaranteed late check out, Diamond lounge, great website for reservations, etc.

Am I willing to trade all this in for a chain that hates video poker players and has a horrible website. I’m tempted. Leaving Total Rewards is like breaking up with a girlfriend – I’ve invested time, energy and lots of money to make it work. I feel like I’m trying to come up with excuses on why I can’t break away.

Alas, mLife continues to look better and better. The hotels are better. The video poker pay tables are better. Foodies now count for tier points. And, again, the hotels are so much better. I really don’t even know if there is a special check in area for Platinums at MGM properties…are there?

I’m willing to make a commitment to my properties and mLife is looking better every day. I need therapy to help talk me through my break up with Total Rewards.

@Halton: just make the jump! I'll use your girlfriend anaglogy. Think of it this way: is it worth sticking around for a few good things (like, say, sex) OR would it be better to have a great overall package(like sex and, maybe, some intelligence).

Mike, I just went through a major comparison of Bellagio's Bellagio Suites and Penthouse; Aria's Sky Suites 1 br, and Wynn Parlors.
The Wynn site lists Parlors through the year at $750 minimum, way more than any of the others. I can get free resort rooms but the Parlors have been my choice. Rethinking that one.
Interestingly the Bellagio fountain view Salones (not true suites) are almost what a Bellagio Suite is...otherwise Aria has far and away better base rates for suites, especially on the Sky side with limo like the B.

There's been a palpable shift in Wynn's marketing and pricing strategies in recent times, I agree. Over the last couple of years, my modest video poker play netted me a slot host, and I could count on up to 4 nights comped on the Resort side with a decent Free Play allowance whenever I wanted. Once, we even arrived in our room and the host sent up a bottle of champagne and a dozen roses for my wife on our anniversary.

My play has remained consistent. Yet recently, my offers are always the same: Book 2 nights midweek at Wynn at the rack rate, get the 3rd night free. Maybe an "upgrade" to an Encore room, if available. And the email I sent to my slot host asking for tickets to the Encore Super Bowl party - something that came as a matter of course the last two years - was not returned.

I can only surmise that times are grand once again at Wynn, and they don't need my play. Fine by me. Fun while it lasted. Let's see if Cosmo ever gets their Identity shit together...

For once I dont have a snarky comment. Aria sky suites is by far a better value plus the restaurants at Aria are far better too. Wynns become like that friend in high school you dont relate to anymore that prompts you to say "youve changed, man!"

Just to pile on...I finally stayed on the Sky Suites side at Aria, and it's pretty nice. From the limo at the airport, to the metal-sculpture dragon at the entrance, to the much-better-in-person lobby, I was impressed. And I liked the elevators that pop you out by the restaurants and baccarat. Downside -- I wish there was a separate pool like at the Wynn Tower. Major upside -- getting tier credits for all my eating and drinking.

pretty much in the same boat.. (see my board posts from last month) ended up going with wynn ts (parlor at $580, which got upgraded to salon) but it's getting hard to justify the extra costs.

I don't think what you are seeing at Wynn is the exception, I believe it's the trend again, Mlife over the past year had already begun tightening up, HET's calendar for same play looks to be getting tighter at times too (although at a less accelerated place then before). It's starting to feel like 2007 all over again.

In reference to the girlfriend analogy, I got my mlife points at Excalibur. It was like sex with a goat.

Ref Tower Suites pricing, I posted on here the other week that, according to Wynn's website, Wynn TS rooms now come with free breakfast or lunch and also free appetizers and cocktails in the TS Cafe.
Have not seen the TS Cafe menu, but based on prices at the old Tableau, this could easily be a $150 value per night? This seems the main justification for the price hike.

Let's face it, we had a good run there while the economy was tanking. Now that it's starting to come back, Wynn is testing the market for a while to see what it will bear. I don't fault them for this, but I do fault them for trying to do it with what a product in decline. The rooms are still lovely and the casino staff still provide friendly service but the clientele is different, the class is gone, and they are marketing to a segment that I no longer belong to.

I'm in the same boat as others. Wynn's rates are not appealing anymore to the modest gambler ($50 BJ, $1 VP) that enjoyed paying for their rooms. I can usually get 2 nights picked up at Cosmo and the little play I've put in with mLife (maybe 1-2 hrs/day at $!VP) has sent sub $200 corner suites at Aria into my inbox that are increasingly tempting. I'll probably stick it out with Cosmo because it's always nice to get free rooms + have about $100-150 in resort credits in my account every time I show up...but Wynn isn't something I even consider anymore.

Wondering how everyone likes the "new" Wynn website.....

^Just saw it...UGLY! And cheap looking, too...plus they seem to have robbed it of a lot of detail, too. But seriously, so cheap looking!Possibly even worse than most of the Caesars hotels sites, though maybe that's the Marilyn Winn-Spiegel influence shining through?

This new website is horrible! I can't believe Steve was pimping it on the earnings call. It feels like a mobile site converted to the regular site. The pictures do not autocrop to fit the screen. I couldn't even get the pics to fully show on a 20in widescreen monitor, much less a laptop screen. The left navigation is just like a mobiles site AND the pulled so much information from the site, like restaurant menus, descriptions and other information. It's really bad. Despite the longer load time of the old site, that site was so much better and much more elegant. Much more in the stule of Wynn. This thing is an abomination. I have had several people comment the same thing. Absolutely horrible.

Where's the article Tripping or Two Way Hard Three??? Want me to write it?

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