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LUXOR: Hotel Guest Dies of Legionnaires

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 30th January 2012 1:49pm
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The Southern Nevada Health District announced today that a recent guest of Luxor (owned by MGM Resorts International) has died after contracting Legionnaires disease.

This is the second reported outbreak of Legionnaires disease in Las Vegas in the last 12 months, and the third reported case at Luxor. Two previous - unreported - outbreaks of Legionnaires took place during guest stays in March 2011 and April 2011.

In response to these two cases, the SNHD headed over to Luxor to do testing and procure swabs and samples for analysis by an independent laboratory. According to their reports, these swabs did not show evidence of Legionella bacterial. They go on to say that swabs weren't tested as they "leaked in transport and could not be tested." So why the hell didn't you send a van over to get more samples? Isn't that their job?

Perhaps this is why these cases went unreported until now?

The most recent case came from a stay in the hotel in December 2011. Between the time the case was reported and announced to the public, the former Luxor hotel guest, a resident of Washington state, had died.

Most recently, a number of guests of ARIA (also owned by MGM Resorts International) have come down with the disease, prompting management to engage in a PR campaign to contain the damage.

The interim reports on the Luxor Legionnaires outbreak are available in two parts on the SNHD website. Part 1, Part 2.

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Holy crap! That's awful. Was it from one of the Luxor rooms with the skank-tubs? More important, is Legionnaires a true freebie @ MGM properties, or do you have to use your M Life express comps to get it?

Daaaanngggg. Wife & I stayed there in Oct.

Legionaires is included free for all guests of MGM properties. Unfortunately antidotes are available only for platinum and noir members, and you must have been at that level for at least consecutive 30 days prior to contracting the disease. This individual unfortunately was only a sapphire.

Damn, we stayed there in Dec 2011. Need to go research this now.

How old was the person who died? This has to be one of those cases where the elderly/young are more susseptible.

Vegas is becoming like Mexico. don't drink the tap water, wash your hands every chance you get

People who get Legionnellosis tend to be older and have pre-existing respiratory conditions.

The two previous "outbreaks" of the disease in March and April consisted of one case each. So we are talking about three cases in nine months. I'm guessing that's more than you would expect, even talking about a huge hotel that sees many thousands of guests over that time period, but I would bet on it being a coincidence. The health department seems to be on it, and if the CDC has its eye on the situation it isn't going to be swept under the rug.

Aren't they supposed to be dead BEFORE you put them inside the pyramid?

^ +1

^^Bliss - The health department seems to be on it? By compromising samples and not following up with new samples and proper tests? By not reporting the first two cases? Amateur hour.

Another reason to never stay at the Luxor.

Obviously none of you read the fine print in the resort fee...

It seems no one has noticed yet. The reports say the first MGM outbreak was in 2010 but was not released. The second MGM outbreak was in spring of 2011 at Luxor and not released the third was in Aria in summer of 2011 and that info was published and the fourth MGM outbreak was this month at Luxor.
An article in the paper on July 14 quoted MGM VP Alan Feldman "That's the only time we know there was a presence of Legionella in the hotel". Now we know there were confirmed cases in 2010. Another statement in the same July 2011 article says "and no other MGM properties have had issue with the bacteria" but now we know that Luxor had their first confirmed cases in the spring of 2011 just months before this article.

Too bad they de-themed, they could claim it was The Curse of the Pharoahs.

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