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Dickhead For A Day

By MikeE on Wednesday, 25th January 2012 11:03am
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Ahhhh, the whale's tales - stories of truly discretionary compage from casino hosts of the top players. Stories like the guy who lived his rock star fantasies by leading a band at The Joint or the dude who went for a swim inside Mandalay's Shark Reef. But those were years ago. Leave it to MGM to even bean count these experiences under a catchy new moniker: "M life Moments."

But whatever. For the last six months, MGM has been marketing these experiences as something attainable to even the modest gambler. Let's face it, though: they're not. Nevertheless, reading the offerings is nothing short of amusing. My personal favorite? Excalibur's "Knight for a Day"

Hold Court when you and a guest check in to a beautifully appointed suite including a welcome gift filled with delicious foods and Excalibur merchandise. Hear your name throughout the 'kingdom' with welcome messages announcing your presence. Enjoy Tournament of Kings that night in our special VIP box including photos and gifts.

Welcome messages announcing your presence? Really? Can you imagine the stupidity?

"Hear ye! Hear ye! Make way a place for Sir MikeE a game of blackjack for dollars three!"

I guess even chivalrous knights can be dickheads.

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Comments & Discussion:

Wouldn't Dickhead For A Day be the "Private Party at Dick's Last Resort"?

Anything that that will keep a 'theme' of some sort is good with me. If MGM had any stones, they would embrace the theme and turn the place into a huge Renaissance faire. Sort of like Game of Thrones...without the incest and bloodshed.

^^ what fun is that? bring on the bloodshed!

^^ Bloodshed in the workplace causes all kinds of trouble with your worker's comp company...not to mention OSHA.

^^^^ As long as it's considered horseplay (no pun intented, but it's funny) work comp won't pay the claim. I'm a fraud accountant for a work comp company and claims are denied day in and day out for horseplay. And we've had some pretty serious shit too. Like 2 mechanics smoking on their break, one playfully shoves the other into a can of gas, gas can fell over, cigarette fell out of mouth, dude caught himself on fire. Denied.

This sounds so cool, but I doubt I'll ever gamble enough to reach Cardboard status.

Huzzah! That's your second story in as many days I've read aloud to Mrs. Hoss. I think I find you more amusing than she does, though.

That's not a commentary on how amusing she finds you, rather a testimony of how dorky she finds me.

ugh, Dick's Last Resort is terrible. Went there last week for the first time and .. it's the last time.

Crap food. Crap service (we weren't in the mood for the Dicks) .. just crap.

Who's gambling enough at Excalibur to qualify for an "M Life Moment" in the first place? Or is the bar set exceptionally low for that one? And since when does Excalibur have "beautifully appointed suites?"

How long until they unveil the "Sam Nazarian's Demo Days" moment?

^^Plenty of us qualify for the "dickhead" part. That may count the most at Excalibur.

whats funny is i think thats to DYKWIA for the DYKWIAs..

this is more targeted towards newer generations - social media driven egocentrism
theres a new "douche" term there somewhere, just cant come up with anything at the moment

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