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Step Aside, Mandarin Bar... Hyde Is Here

By MikeE on Tuesday, 24th January 2012 1:10pm
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Somewhere behind an uninviting, overwhelmingly hideous wall where Fontana's video poker once stood is a new space with a reputation that was tarnished before it even opened.

It's run by the guy who closed Sahara. It forced the closure of one of everyone's favorite bars. It put yet another nightclub inside Bellagio. And yeah, it makes that front wall lining the casino look hideous.

Everyone hates Hyde for all the reasons listed above.


I went on its second eve of operation. Yes, eve. I had absolutely zero interest in seeing it as a nightclub, but just as the sun was setting, I found myself walking through Bellagio to get an idea of the space from the outside until I heard faint music from within. Hyde was open? The lovely hostess standing outside was eager to take me in.

This is what I saw upon entry.

Hyde Bellagio

Excuse the terrible picture - jizzing while simultaneously taking photos is an art form I haven't mastered.

Yes, Hyde is open as a lounge seven days a week beginning at 5pm. On Fridays, Saturdays, and Tuesdays, it converts into a nightclub at 10pm.

But forget about that whole nightclub aspect of it - we've got enough of them. As a lounge, its place has already skyrocketed amongst a repertoire of badass bars joining the ranks of Mandarin and Vesper. Simply put, Hyde's got incredible cocktails, small bites from Circo served until 9pm, and impeccable service from a staff so gorgeous that I'm absolutely certain they'll cause as much fuss as Wynn's cocktail waitresses did five years ago.

And those fountains... OMG those fountains! They work infinitely better than they did in Fontana aided by a space that blurs the boundary between outdoors and in. Noise levels are on the slightly higher side, but no more than, say, a combination of the piano and the always-crowded lobby providing the audio of Petrossian in the same building.

Ok, so if you're still a little skeptical, here's a little story to confirm why I'm certain you'll enjoy Hyde. The next day, I went back... with my parents. With a slight curmudgeon of a dad who misses the Stardust, feels comfortable downtown, and would absolutely flip over the cost of a $14 cocktail, he declared that he wouldn't mind stopping by Hyde every trip.

Hyde's got something for everyone. Sure, it doesn't exactly fit Bellagio, but it's the perfect fit for Las Vegas.

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Comments & Discussion:

Mike, you have me quite interested. How many seats in Hyde get a good look outside? Like the old Fontana terrace view.

Judging from your review, it sounds exactly like what I hoped it would be. Good to know!

looking forward to checking it out this weekend!

Killer Mike! Sounds like another one for the next lists trip! Thanks!

OK, well this is going on the to-do list for 2 weeks from now, should be sweet

Agree with this article 100%, Hyde is a great space. While the cocktails are a bit pricey, they're carefully made by drop-dead gorgeous ladies doing it right. Can't argue with that.


The floor plan in the previous VT post is spot-on. @Malibugolfer, every space above the DJ booth in the diagram has a view of the fountains.

Sounds like your dad and I are cut from the same cloth of a certain, um, vintage...I got used to the pricey drinks long ago but still the Sands, Stardust, Fremont, old Alladin, all of us from St. Louis and KC remember the days not so long ago when we 'ruled' parts of this burg...Hyde looks wonderful and, remininces aside, we look forward to March when our Bellagio etc. trip arrives and we can experience more of an ever evolving fantasy escape known as Las Vegas. Peace.

Did the chair budget run out a little early or something? Those two in the center of the picture look like they're sitting on those old two-color strap folding lawn chairs.

How does the "conversion" from lounge to club happen?

Anyway, that's a great picture, MikeE. Looks like an terrific experience...

I have to admit, as I read about the space during the final stages, the thought that it might be the perfect 'ultra' lounge definitely crossed my mind, sounds like that's just what they've done.

I wanted to be a hater, but man that looks good! From the mini review I understand we have "talented" bartenders and a beautiful view of the fountains... I'm sorry for anyone still in hater mode, but isn't that what we sign up for? I mean, if they could find a way to put in a few VP machines so I can get a drink (or 7) for free while I donate a few Benjamins, then we are in 100% show up every time I'm in town business.

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