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Venetian Accidentally Leaks Renovation Documents

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 17th January 2012 4:26pm
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A document outlining plans for a major renovation of The Venetian has been leaked to the internet by.... The Venetian! VT reader HillBilly tells us all you need to do is Google "Venetian Casino Remodel" and you will be led to a PDF (marked CONFIDENTIAL) hosted in a public area on the Venetian's web server. Way to go!

Venetian Document

The document outlines projects that the Venetian will undertake as part of a major construction effort. Some of these projects - specifically the upgrading and installation of new exterior signage on the resort towers - are already underway or have been completed. Projects include "tower painting", "clock tower retail", "casino remodel", "cafe presse", "premium suites" and "venezia guest room remodel."

Some of the minor projects include renovating various bridge entrances and vestibules from "dark dirty stucco nastiness" to designs that are a bit more inline with the Venetian's design aesthetic. Seeing the need to maximize the profit per square foot, some of these areas will be getting new retail partners and the ubiquitous Aquassage and/or Hoverround shaped frozen margarita stands.


Perhaps the most interesting part of the documents is the casino renovation, which appears to transform the Venetian from decorative moulding fantasm to a sleeker more modern look. The transformation will tone down the textural noise of the building and provide some much needed edging to their overdone decor.

Less successfully, the Venetian has renovated their "premium suite product." As shown in the document, these designs are just plain horrid. Look at this:


Replacing a hung chandelier with a cloth covered chain jobby draped over a fold up mirror screen blocking the outlet? Are they serious? Is this even up to hotel building code? In a premium suite product? Laughable.

People bitch at me because I am vocal in my dislike of the Venetian. This, in a nutshell, is why. Their design ideas, fixture choices and construction materials are cheap, tacky and installed in a half assed way. If that isn't enough, they have zero taste. None. If you like the way this looks, you have no taste either. Sorry.

In addition, the Venetian will FINALLY begin to renovate their nasty ass Venezia tower rooms. The Venezia tower was skanky 5 years ago, we're surprised they didn't roll this renovation in with the Venetian tower renovation 3 years ago. New Venezia rooms are scheduled to go online at the end of this year.

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Comments & Discussion:

"People bitch at me because I am vocal in my dislike of the Venetian. This, in a nutshell, is why. Their design ideas, fixture choices and construction materials are cheap, tacky and installed in a half assed way. If that isn't enough, they have zero taste. None. If you like the way this looks, you have no taste either. Sorry."



The 'fake luxury' vibe has always been offensive to me.

The Venetian is gross and always will be.

It's about damn time!

Venetian is definitely ugly. If it weren't for some great restaurants, I don't believe I would ever go there.

@ratevegas lol at the robots.txt

I will take the overdone Venetian to the under done de-themeing of all the MGM resorts.

^ I gather that you've never stayed at the Aria.

That room concept is ugly (it IS a concept, though) but the casino and exterior renderings look nice.

I like that they are maintaining and sometimes even enhancing theme in an era where casino resorts seem to have big gaping holes akin to removed wisdom teeth, shouting to the world "THEMED DECORATION WAS HERE"

Agreed. I hate that the casino is in the basement.The smell in their is nauseating and I have no desire to ever stay there or play there again.

The single biggest problem with Venetian is the crazy old man that runs the joint. The original furnishings (and current Venezia tower garb) look like someones grandma picked them out. This is largely because someones grandma did in fact pick them out. This is no doubt the same reason the whole place smells like grandmas perfume. I really don't understand how they came up with that idea for the new premium room. Why not keep the Palazzo / refurbed room style and propgate forward?

Venetian is a love/hate thing for me. I love playing poker there. Fantastic tournaments, great staff, better than great drink service. I have never felt comfortable playing in the casino. Too cramped, crappy BJ. Why do that when I can play tables at Bellagio - home of my favorite casino scent. I like staying in the newer rooms and the bathroom is very nice. I like the living room section that is separate from the bed (if only by a rail and elevation.) Same reason I like Encore over Wynn. Those "new" Venetain tower rooms, by the way, will be 5 years old this summer. I also like the food court there, and several of the restaurants.

If there wasn't a greedy bastard at the helm that is always trying to screw people out of what they have earned (Contractors, Comped Players...) the Venetian would be a far more pleasant experience.

I'm shocked the photos are still online.

I kind of think it might have been planted there to be intentionally "leaked." The link says confidential but there is no language in the document reserving rights, limiting use, etc. It is also just titled "Meetings." No date, no other references, no "do not distribute." I spend a lot of time looking at stupid ass powerpoint presentations, this really is not how they look when presented to anyone at or above the VP level in a multi billion dollar company. Then again, this just might be another sympton of they way they do business.

Other than the sportsbook, LVS has made zero announcements about this remodel. That is just strange. MGM Grand set up a model room in the fraking lobby.

A rare instance where I fully agree with Chuckmonster, the Venetian & Palazzo are just missing something; Whenever I get bored and start browsing vegas hotel sites, V/P always initially sucks me in with all the great restaurants & shops and I start thinking "Why have I never stayed there?"...until I pull up photos & virtual tours of the suites...grandma's furniture indeed...but it's not just that...go on the Venetian or Palazzo's site & check out the tours for the bigger suites...they're huge, sure...but then they have like nothing on the walls, hardly any furniture, etc...big, but no style, no panache...even heartless corporate MGM does a far better job decorating it's suites than old Man Adelson does...

Nothing in there that needs to be kept confidential; especially as much of it has already begun. I have always liked the Venetian, but thought the casino was too dark. I really like themed properties and they have done a pretty decent job of it (when compared to other Vegas properties). I really do not like the bar or design of their new sports book. Their bigger concern is replacing all 3 shows at once.

Encore called. They want their chandeliers back.

The Venetian to me was just Ok and wasnt a luxury hotel. The interior is nice but the casino in the basement thing suggested to me a 'low rent' atmosphere. From the picture the casino looks better but it is still in the basement. As far as the rooms go I never felt a need to stay there and nothing I see here is going to change that. Palazzo seems to be trying way to hard to look elegant.

Regarding the new floor tile on the entrance from TI: We need to meet for a real life game of Q-bert before they have to replace it because someone sued them for head injuries caused from falling after getting dizzy trying to look at it and walk at the same time.

I've always liked Venetian, at least until Sheldon pulled the plug on comps and made a laughingstock out of the Grazie player club program. I've always loved getting a sizeable mini-suite with a luxury bathroom at a considerably lower price than a standard room at Wynncore, Cosmo, Aria or even Bellagio. Faux luxury? Sure, but who cares, it's a fucking vacation in a theme hotel. Spending $500 more for a Roger Thomas-designed room so that I can admire the drapes just doesn't compute for me.

how long until someone tries to hang themselves on one of those chandelier cords, only to have half the ceiling come down with them?

silly rabbit, next time rent a balcony room at Cosmo.

Eck. The casino renderings are an improvement, but fuck... my house is decorated much nicer than any of their room product. Looks like bad MLS photos of an older Asian ladie's house.

I am just curious about what the definition of "fake luxury" is compared to what some of the other places on the strip offer?

So what does your resident interior designer/ stager have to say about the worst design and feng shui points ever displayed in a hotel suite dining area?

...I just did. This will chase away all of his Asian gamblers. The mirrored screen and the pointed angles facing the dining table represents knives stabbing all who sit at the table. FYI- if the table is oval... it mimics a gaming table. AND WHO WOULD EVER SIT AT ANY TABLE IN VEGAS THAT WOULD LIMIT THEIR CHANCES OF WINNING?! Yes, this guarantees Asian gamblers won't stay up in their rooms to gamble, but this just may prevent anyone from wanting to stay there AND gamble there.

The suite dining rooms are terrible but I kinda like what they're planning to do with the bedrooms and lounge areas.

That said, the public area improvements look great. They'll make the property more bright, airy and open.

The Venetian sucks.

Looks like they're stuffing a lot more terminals into the casino to.

They'e finally gonna renovate the sports book to? About damn time. I was in there 3 years ago and it was one of the foulest places I have ever spent time in. Saturated with all the smoke from the casino that blew into that corner and the drink service was a hideously expensive joke. Worst margarita I've ever had. Actually had to send it back.

The renovated sportsbook is already open.

"My god honey, this room is going to make me vomit... I'm going back to the casino to gamble." ... Uncle Shelly is not stupid.

Ahh, ok. Is it any nicer? I haven't been there in a while.

Wow Chuckmonster, you must be some super secret spy to find that "confidential" information. Hope MGM doesn't learn these secrets... Oh wait, "Confidential" is a headding http://lasvegassands.com/ there is a whole section called "Sands Confidential" right on the HOMEPAGE!! P.S. It's a THEAMED resort so the decor follows an Italian theme. Just because you don't like it doesn't make it garbage. P.S. The Venetian just posted the highest profits in company history despite surprise pay raises for all team members, increased benefits (which were already the best on the strip.) Face it, this place makes money hand over fist and does it without raping its team members like MGM or Caesers ent. properties. Let haters hate. We will see who comes out on top.

^ amazing how idiots can make themselves believe anything is true.

^ amazing how FACTS are hard to refute with anything other than generic statements backed by nothing. Oh and P.S. Las Vegas Sands posted INDUSTRY RECORD PROFITS for 1st quarter 2012. Not just company record...INDUSTRY RECORD. Dont hate that Las Vegas Sands has a net market value higher than Wynn, Caesers and MGM COMBINED and does it while paying the highest wages on the strip! Oh and your complaints have been heard, casino remodel is underway, Venezia just closed for renovation today, and new shows are coming in. Can you say best and brightest on the strip? Victory smells sweet!

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