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Here they are, the 2012 Trippies

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 16th January 2012 10:06am
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Ladies and gentlemen,

We are proud to introduce the winners of the 2012 Trippies. Congratulations to all who were nominated!

Thank you to all who took the time to submit your nominations and vote for the winners!

Aaaaaaand Here they are!.

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Comments & Discussion:

Wow...Cosmo with the cleanup!

Note to Chuck:

I think the best website should be everythinglv.com and not everythinglasvegas.com. The 2nd one seems to goto a placeholder.

Thanks for all your hard work!

Have to agree with almost all the picks. Good work Chuck.

P.S. In the 'Best Slots' section, you have the Editors Choice down as 'Plams' not 'Palms'. Small typo.

@Attica: It's not a typo. A while back, George Maloof held an event at the Palms where every guest got some sort of a gift bag or something like that. Inside of each one, there was a note that he signed that read "Welcome to the Plams". No one ever caught the typo until afterwards.

Since then, it's become a running joke.

How exciting indeed! I agree Caesars' has the worst VP, BJ and value but I'll call it home anyday! Don't forget to wear comfy shoes when you're there.

Most winners are spot on! Great job and Kudos to Chuck!

First, great job Chuck!

Mandarin is the best Strip hotel, no comparison in my opinion. Glad you saw that. Not sure what the Cosmo voters were smoking. I'll admit we love the Mandarin all the way to the complimentary frozen grapes at the pool.

Aria as most improved? Until they get rid of that UPS motif, no deal for me.

Interesting read.

Obviously no Trippers have ever been to the Tuscany. Are you kidding me? Rooms are a bit dated ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDelig6piTs ) but the grounds are nice, casino is servicable, you are right across the street from restaurant row and mid-week rates are around $40 per night. For a true suite.

I agree with M over Red Rock just by a hair. Red Rock still feels like a Station Casino. M feels like a Strip resort.

Be nice next year when IP isn't automatic worst in everything.

Prediction: Drunk Scott will be calling Hundy this week for his regular two minute commercial touting the slot club win.

I'll be impressed with Cosmo's social media when it actually draws gamblers. Right now, their Twitter feed pretty much the equivalent of a Wal-Mart greeter (saying hello to everyone who walks by). Also, for having 65k Facebook followers, they have a remarkably low amount of interaction on their page.

I'm surprised how much love Cosmo ended up getting.

But the editor's choice award for worst blackjack? The Cosmo's blackjack conditions are lackluster, sure... but worst in Vegas? The Caesars props have worse blackjack... even a few of the MGM properties have some worse blackjack.

But then again, I guess "best" is based on more than "good rules" but also includes other factors (atmosphere, drink service etc).

The Trippies are a wonderful service to Vegas fans. Thanks Chuck.
Now a few comments 9feel free to throw stones):
1-The large outporing for the Cosmo suggests the majority of respondents are younger folk (25-35)and non gamblers. Gamblers are not playing at Cosmo and seasoned and older travelers cannot tolerate the hotel service hassels when they see no upside (not going clubbing at Marquee).

2- The love affair of thje Editors with all things Wynn continues unabated. No way that Wyncore is the same resort it was 3 years ago. The are pulling out the "special" high end restaurants (Alex) that sophisticated travelers/diners enjoy and Encore has becomean excuse to host the young at dayclubs (EBC) and nightclubs. The Encore casino is beautiful in design but dead as a doorknob at night when the only people in the casino are kids waiting in line for the clubs. Steve Wynn originally built a resort to appeal to ma sophisticated clientele and he understood and took care of gamblers. Now the video poker sucks, the slots are tight and six dreunken schoolboys to a room is far from sophisticated. Time for the editrs to hit the refresh button.
Thanks again for your great work.

@baboran I'm curious. You don't like Cosmo or Wynncore - what do you consider to be the best place in Las Vegas?

"Time for the editrs to hit the refresh button."

baboran, time for you to hit the spell check button.

Thanks for asking. Please understand I did not mean to imply I didn't like them. Both have positives. I like the Cosmo restaurants and public areas- but the casino has NO Gambling vibe and there are a lot of hiccups in hotel operations. Those matter to me .The hipsters out to do the club scene may not care about either and seem content. But on a saturday night if you are trying to dine and gamble you can be trampled by out of control youth.
I have enjoyed both the rooms and many reataurants at both Wynn and Encore. Simply commenting that the current clientele seems different than the original target audience and the gambling no longer as good. But nyou the editors still seem smitten of all things Steve Wynn. I appreciate all your comments and respect your opinions-iI just think you all give too much of a free pass to Wynncore.
I still believe the Bellagio is a beautiful property and a good place to dine and gamble.Caesars is overpriced but when comped can be a great experience- the Augustus Tower rooms are quite nice, the restaurant choices between the casino and the forum shops are myriad and the gambling while not great at least has an organized and functional rewards program. For best value property I like Mirage.

Good point. But not likely to happen. Close enough for you to get the drift of the comment. I know how to spell- just not how to type.

I don't like to waste my time reading posts that appear to be written by a stubborn fifth grader. If you'd like people to read your posts, please take the time to make them legible.
I do agree with what you said about the Mirage, though.

I agree with most of the winners. In some categories I voted for Cosmo because gambling isnt a major focus of my stay; dining and walking around is. The food choices in Cosmo are amazing and the place is stuffed with things to look at.

mnvegasguy - you are 100% right on the Mandarin. It is BY FAR the best hotel on the strip. I assume people who didn't vote for it have never stayed there. I have stayed at every high end hotel on the strip excluding the Four Seasons and nothing compares to the Mandarin in every aspect.

Kudos to the editors for picking Mandarin and for picking the Mandarin Bar too (although that's a tough call vs Chandelier Bar - view vs design).

Great job, guys!

Great stuff as always. Over the years, I like seeing some of the trends of the voting. It's a monumental task to have a full view of everything in and around Las Vegas, so thanks to Chuck and the VT staff for attempting to capture something from the ground level view, rather then what we typically see in the LV media, of sponsored style polls.

I will pose the question about Cosmo though, what do the accolades mean, is it the newness of the property, or maybe it's exactly the fact that the casino floor is fairly empty. On a personal level, I like the property, I like gambling there, and I like the restaurants and floor service I've received (I've not stayed in the hotel). A theory of mine is that repeat visitors almost prefer a quieter casino and Cosmo's lack of crowd, could easily be seen as a plus. Anyway, I still think the reason casino revenues are down there, is that they have no high end players to speak off and will continue to struggle to attract them. I've seen the floor as busy as other properties on days they should be and not on other days where they shouldn't be. I just think at the end of the day they are going to have a hard time catering to the high roller or giving them enough to steal them from MGM, Wynn, or even CET and LVS.

Follow up: Hit the Tuscany last night. Must confess first time in probably 8 years. Still a best kept secret. (Not schilling, I have no relationship with them). Walked into the lobby to the sounds of a live (smooth) jazz band in their lobby bar.

Quite a few people in the lobby on their laptopts, and a few more out on the patio next to the pool online as well. Free Wi-fi in the lounge, lobby, and by the pool. (They still stick it to you for in-room, but you can always try to request a room close to the lobby).

Talked to a friend who had been in one of the rooms recently, he confirmed that they were big full suites and still in good shape.

Casino was really active for a Thursday evening, which resulted in it being a bit smoky.

Overall, the resort is nicer than most downtown and nicer than a some on The Strip.

Might be a good time to abolish the "off strip" category as most visitors (and presumably most voters) don't make it west of Sinatra/Industrial or east of Koval.

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