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Gordon Ramsay $teak Coming To Paris

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 13th January 2012 2:12pm
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It sure is amazing how a bankruptcy and business restructuring can change someone's attitude.

Case in point, Chef Gordon Ramsay when asked in 2008 if he was interested in joining the exploding food scene on the Las Vegas Strip.

Vegas? I don't want to play my card in Las Vegas. It's materialistic.

And now, today, in the press release announcing that he's decided to play his card in Vegas.

Vegas is such a vibrant city. I can't wait to open and start welcoming guests.

Menu items for Gordon Ramsay Steak - replacing Les Artistes Steakhouse at Paris - include "Chinese Cha-Ching Chicken Salad", "Cash Crusted Trout", "Silver Dollar Pancakes", "Cornolio Potage", "Beef Help Gordon Get His Credit from The Bottom Of The Wellington", "Leek In The Potato Soup" and his new signature dish "Screaming On TV Dinner."

Gordon Ramsay $take, indeed.

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Comments & Discussion:

Great, with our luck they will close Mon Ami Gabi to avoid having two steakhouses. Do not understand this going in here...why not have it be a draw in The Linq? Why not put it with some Strip frontage, maybe replacing The Range Steakhouse at Harrah's?

Does not compute.

I don't think Mon Ami Gabi will be forced out, especially considering the place is owned by Lettuce Entertain You, who also has the Eiffel Tower Restaurant at Paris.

Mon Ami's one of the most profitable restaurants in the city--it's not going anywhere.

There's nothing about Gordon Ramsay's public persona that would inspire me to want to eat at a restaurant with his name over the door...

I've bee to his restaurant in L.A., and it was awesome!

Too bad this is a steakhouse. Supposedly, he's also got something planned for Caesars Palace.

his public persona is exactly WHY i would want to eat there. He is one of the best tv personalities when it comes to chefs. Can't wait to try it!

^You do realize HE will not be there running the kitchen, right? He puts his name on it, they serve mediocre food. It's a business model.

^^^Celebrity Chefs don't run the kitchens in their restaurants?!?!?! Who knew?? :))

Is it bad that I read "Cornolio" as "Cornholio"?

It will be interestting to see which has the better profit margin-Mon Ami Gabi or Ramsey's place. The view at Mon Ami makes it the place I owuld go to but if Ramsey's place is open the next time I am in Vegas I will give it a shot.

I will try it. I've only ever eaten lunch at his place in NYC, but it was pretty great. I imagine he'll be around from time to time in much the same way that his mentors Savoy and Robuchon are, especially with the filming of many of his television shows taking place in Los Angeles.The Strip could also use a nice Beef Wellington anyway.

I predict this is going to be a big hit. It's a good location and the demographics at Paris are perfect. Mid-america tourists are who watch Hell's Kitchen. They could just put his name on the place with no other changes. Mon Ami is not a steakhouse anymore than Eiffel Tower is! Bally's steakhouse is going to be the loser.

I read that somewhere (it was a while ago) that all of Ramer's restaurants in the US were going under. From bad management to overpriced food that no one wanted. And I can't stand that fool, because of him the guys that cook in my pubs think they can yell and scream cause they saw it on TV. They learn quickly that I'm the yeller in my joints!!

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