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CityCenter Demolishing Marquee, Union Closing

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 11th January 2012 1:55pm
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Here's something interesting. VT superfriend JohnD braved freshly enacted Nevada statutes banning the use of devices while driving to snag this photo of the CityCenter marquee, apparently undergoing demolition.

Check it:

CityCenter marquee

VT reported a year and a half ago that Aria was planning to get a gigantic (see graphic) new strip-side marquee. This has yet to materialize. Could it be that the brain trust at MGM have decided that it makes better (and greener) sense to dig up the ugly ass modern art mistake on the freeway and plop it in front of the Crystals?

We'll keep our eyes on this.

In related Aria news, Union restaurant is closing this week, another piece of the Light Group empire slipping away into oblivion. Might as well put Deuce Lounge on the Light Group deathwatch too.

The big question is where are CityCenter CEO Bobby Baldwin and ARIA head honcho Bill McBeath going to have those joint power lunches now? Answer: China Poblano.

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Comments & Discussion:

It does make more sense to just move the old marquee to the front. Saves money and is a more environmentally-friendly plan.

Mmmm China Poblano

They're upgrading the I-15 marquee so it will look like the new strip marquee.
The latest rumor is that when the de-construction of Harmon begins so will the construction of the stip marquee.

The Union news bums me out, the staff there was awesome and the food wasn't bad but it was esentially the same menu as Stack, Fix and Brand. Any bets on how fast SBE can get in there?

^Faster than you can say "Umami."

Union's closure is no big loss. Same menu as Stack and Fix, plus Union took the truffle hollondaise off its menu (BOOOOOOOO!!!!).

A previous dalliance of mine, clued me in that Union was headed for a burger concept. We'll see what happens, but everybody else has one, why shouldn't CityCenter?

Any burger joint that goes in Aria will have to match Holstein's or it is dead on arrival,

As long as it doesn't have music at ear-splitting volumes, like Holstein's.

When I first saw this I thought you were talking about the nightclub Marquee. I was like "Wait, WTF? They've got a good thing going!" but then I always forget that Cosmo isn't technically part of CityCenter. Even though it's connected and damn well looks like all the buildings IN CityCenter

I'm glad they're replacing Union. Aria has a lot of really good dinner spots, but Union was not one of them. Not bad, but not that good either. Aria has relatively few good lunch spots, so a burger place makes sense.

One of my old friends who did the railings for Union (among other things) says it's going to be a Mexican place.

Let me just say that's a pretty phenomenal photo, I had to look twice to ensure it wasn't just a rendering, nice job JohnD

Union was crap. I ate there in September, and the service was terrible.

We placed our orders (4 of us), got initial round of drinks and then when it seemed like a really long time -- and we wanted more drinks and our food -- we asked another waitress where our server was, and she told us that he had gone home. Home.


So finally another guy comes and brings us our food -- but it had already left a bad taste in our mouths -- and the food was meh. Just okay.

It's like they were serving Burger King but pretending they were a 5-star restaurant. They didn't fool us.

(although, I don't think they microwaved their burgers :)

@jinx73 Thanks! It got cropped a bit for the article, but after a little self mutilation, I'll survive.

Also of minor note, Aria's sign has been altered. It's entirely white and now shines in sharper contrast to the building's crown. The sign's letters used to be blue with white trim, but are now entirely white. Shruggles.

I watched them make that change to white on the sign from the Mandarin pool back in September. Took them two days, I am not sure why.

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