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Meet The New XSPlanade

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 6th January 2012 3:01pm
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The good news: you will no longer have to have a degree in Mixed Martial Nut Hugging to get from Encore to Wynn on nights the club is bumping. The bad news: despite Wynn D&D's best efforts the Encore Esplanade has been sacrificed for nightlife in a completely different way.

Lets go to the video tape (by Jake!)


The balance of stores on the right (east) side of the hallway have been turned into holding pens for punters.


I love this little piece of design... the combination of curtains, column and wall sconce feel incredibly sculptural, in the plaster sense. Nice! The metal vines on the other hand remind me of a piece that hung in my next door neighbors foyer in 1972.


They stole the doors from the Mirage (not really). But seriously, is it me or is Wynn/Encore reclaiming a lot of Bellagio and Mirage designisms that have been jettisoned by the MGM design department ?

Even though I don't really much time at Wynncore these days, I am supremely happy to see them solve the nightlife clusterfuck.

Big huge thanks hugs and kisses to MEGATIPSTER™ JakeZ for the sexy time photos.

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Comments & Discussion:

All the ambiance of a dying upscale mall where half the stores are closed! Though its nice to know the clubbers will be penned up like animals heading to the slaughterhouse.

The doors rather remind me of the panelling on the columns in Encore's casino. Shruggles.

They appear to have stolen the doors from my kitchen pantry. Also missing: 12 cans of collectible Chef Boyardee Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pasta with meatballs that I've been saving for a special occasion.

It's all good, it's all good. Who needs more uber shopping in this economy, anyway?

Looks great... much better than having everyone out in the esplanade. It does look like Roger Thomas is using aspects of some of their earlier resorts.. not a bad idea considering how Hodge-podged some of the MGM joints look now.. makes me wonder what sort of things may have happened if Wynn hadn't split from Mirage Resorts.

Glad to see Wynn Design and Development not skimping out in this economy.

what do the insides look like?

Love the trademark!

Those metal vines look a bit better in person. Inside of the space is a big ass hallway with the same Encore carpet, some more butterfly tiling and TV screens.

They really should have consulted with Temple Grandin for the design inside the holding pen.

Roger Thomas can draw on old Mirage designs if he wants....there his. The doors are dead on.

Here's a photo I snapped of the interior, or XSQ as Chuckmonster put it. Reminds me of the lineup for Space Mountain, personally: http://yfrog.com/oejibwkj

"Space Mountain on Whatever Roger Thomas Has Been Sniffing"

(wallpaper paste)

Velvet ropes unending

Roger Thomas doesnt do drugs...does he?

Look at Roger Thomas and tell me that guy has never done blow in men's bathroom before. Bet he's fun as hell on a night out.

But he has a Mormon ancestry in him.

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