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Cosmo Offers Mind Blowing Views

By Misnomer on Friday, 6th January 2012 2:02pm
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Cosmo Terrace Suite View

Whilst perusing The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas's website in anticipation of an upcoming trip, I couldn't help but admire the stunning views featured in certain photos taken from Cosmo rooms. Sure, twitpics of the north-facing view of Bellagio's fountains have become so pervasive that they are in danger of becoming cliché. In fact, one wonders if Cosmo's hipster clientele is even aware that the Strip exists, south of the Purple Palace.

And yet, when looking at the view in a photograph of Cosmo's Terrace Suite, I couldn't help but notice something curious, class. Seems that if you look through the sliding glass door in the suite's living room, you get the aforementioned, north-facing fountain view. But, if you gaze through the sliding glass door in the bedroom, you are magically transported to an east-facing vista of Paris and its dingy balloon.

Sure, had Cosmo not monkeyed around with the bedroom view, it probably would have featured the ass-end of Bellagio, with a prime view of that weird little nubbin/kickstand thingy that ostensibly keeps Bellagio from falling over on a windy day. Still, I probably would've just gone with a closed curtain. Or perhaps a picture of a bubbling mountain stream, with John Unwin in hip waders, fly fishing.

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Nice catch, I actually emailed them regarding this way back when. Turns out that Paris balloon is reflected in the glass divider between terraces.

Or at least that's what they told me.

Reading the headline, I thought this was going to be another suicide story...

As did I

Nerds. :-)

Having stayed in this type of suite at the Cosmo, I could see it might be a reflection, albeit 'enhanced'. Then again, how much of Vegas is real??? btw, this suite rocked!!!

The Cosmo offers mind blowing views.... of the pavement 40 stories below.

[Others are welcome to try coming up with their own Cosmo Suicide jokes]

The views get better as you get closer to the ground.

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